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My planner pages are 3.75x6.75 - I am looking for daily dated pages for this size that I can type into. I'd like to type that days schedule and then print it out....

also, in general what templates are out there for this size?
Thanks so much!

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tall order...

Unfortunately, there is nothing specific to what you are asking, but somewhere on this site--I just looked for it, but so far, haven't found it--is an OpenOffice.org macro template for wrapping your own. You enter in the events in a Calc spreadsheet, use the template to create your day planner sizes and layout, and run the macro document to put them together. It will do what you want, though maybe a bit complicated--complicated, that is, if you want attractive output. If you just want something, it will work almost out of the box--just resize the planner pages, and you are good to go. I'll keep looking, but maybe somebody else remembers its name, and how it's filed...