A4 Hipster PDA - Disposable - 4 Up GTD

This template is a 4-up A4 context based to do list and addresses a few of the problems I commonly encounter.

I like the HPDA format but frequently find problems with printing to 3x5 cards, or find that I'm at a client without any blank 3x5s to hand.

This template uses standard A4 paper that, when quartered, is almost HPDA size. I can print these easily anywhere.

I also find that a 3x5 is usually too big for the six or seven items that I commonly have on my to do list. I've therefore split each quarter into two seperate lists giving a total of eight possible contexts per A4 page.

The template has two pages. The first has blank contexts for use in any situation. The second has my commonly used contexts. The original OO template is included to make changing the contexts easier for your own use.

Paper size: 
Usage advice: 

Simply print and fold into quarters. You have an easily created, cheap, disposable HPDA in (almost) the usual size.

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Applications required: 
Adobe Acrobat or OpenOffice
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A4 Hipster PDA - Disposable - 4 Up GTD


If the bottom half of the A4 were to be turned upside down it could be used as a real booklet. as it is now the page 2 and 3 is upside down after folding the A4.


Thanks for the comments. I

Thanks for the comments. I did try your suggestion but found I didn't like it as much. I'll see if I can find the file and upload it for you.