3x5 "leather rope": Levenger or Staples

Levengers 3x5 "leather rope" is $38.00. I seem to remember a recent post that said Staples has one. Is that correct? If so, how much is it and can you usually find it in the store?

I also like the idea of Levengers PDA zip up. One side is intended for a couple of 3x5 cards but I would be using it solely for a Hipster PDA. The only downside I can think of is that there doesn't seem to be a flap for the back cover to slide under to secure the HPDA.


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Leather Rope

Cath: Yeah staples has one by Buxton it's around $10, I've seen them at my local staples.
As for the Levenger zip case I'm pretty sure that someone else would be more suited to answer this, as I can't affort levenger:)