error on submitting a post

I'm trying to post a new forum topic, and I keep getting the following error:
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function: node_get_name() in /homepages/39/d95320363/htdocs/diyplanner/sites/ on line 396"

Granted, it's a very long post with lots of html in it, including links to flickr, but the odd part is that the previews work just fine, but when I click on submit, this is what I get? Any clarification on why? thanks.


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Spamchecker error

Hmm. That sounds like an error concerning the spam checker's interfacing with our content management system. (A post with a lot of links can rank as "highly probable" with a comment spam checker.) I'll bring it to eric's attention, thanks!

all my best,

That makes sense!

And I wish I had thought of that....

Well, in any case, I posted the first part (without a lot of links) and it went through. Now I need to figure out how to eliminate the links to the photos on flickr....