Online/Offline GTD aids?

I installed the GTD for Outlook Trial here at work (LINK)

I like it but it is only the trial... One day I'll be sad to see that I can't use it any longer :o( It's not in the business's budgets ...and I'm the only one here that uses it.

I was wondering if anyone has any Online or Offline add-ons or tools that would help me out here at work. I don't want to use my home system here. Work stays at work. And unlike at home, I'm in front of the computer most of the day.

Thanks :o)

(ps... is GMAIL as great as all the hype?)

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Ultimate GTD Index

Hi Sara.

There's a list of online and offline software tools on the Ultimate GTD Index.

Scroll down the page nearly to the bottom.

As far as which one to use, well, I grabbed GTDTiddlyWikiPlus for a project (I'm not using it for GTD). It's a great brainstorming tool, and a great lookup tool.

I saw on a review site that ThinkingRock is fairly highly regarded.

But I have also heard that all the tools have limitations that make them undesirable for different folks. So it's about which one helps you without hindering you too much.


:o) TY

I'm taking some slow time here at work to research ... trying to find one that looks like it will work for me... I just like to hear what is working for others too :)

My main concern is having a detailed record of the projects I complete at work. Like what specific setting I had to use on the which printer, the type of media, the specifics etc. I think it will also help keep my work week in perspective.

Looks like I have tons of choices~!
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Storing reference mtls


I think GTDTiddlyWikiPlus is pretty good for storing random bits of info you want to keep but not necessarily look at each day. The tagging feature makes it easy to retrieve clusters of stuff later on, as does the search tool. The way the links are handled (italics for 'link doesn't exist yet' and bold for 'there's something there to see') is nice for passive reminders. The print config makes it easy to print out the stuff you want to keep in your hipster or other small PDA.

I think it would be good for projecty info.

There are other TiddlyWiki variants that are more elaborately configured--I think MonkeyGTD has a few more powerful features for keeping track of what's going on with each project, handling project lists, etc.

But I have no experience with any of the other stuff and no experience doing GTD with any of them. So someone else is going to have to help with that bit. :)



I recently tried Vitalist and absolutely LOVE it! It is extremely easy to use, you can have a list of today's things to do emailed to you every morning, and you can print everything out (which I like).

Here is my concern with online programs... How secure is the informtion you enter. My actions are organized by client name (first and last name) and may also be associated with an account #. How secure is this info? Is it as secure as my banking info or do I simply have to take the word of the privacy policy (like many web sites where you buy something and they say they do not sell your info, but a week later you have 15 unwanted emails)?

Any thoughts?
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As far as GMAIL goes I've

As far as GMAIL goes I've had it for sometime now and think its great, especially since there is open registration now, and anyone can join. So if you are curious I would at least give it a try.

Gmail works great for me

I agree with Woodt3 - Gmail has been great for me. It's become my 'go-to' email address for almost everything. I still have and use my own, but with Google Calendar, it's been really usefull.

YMMV, of course.


talk about system overload. I never imagined how many online/offline/free/paid GTD related programs were out there in cyberspace...
Stay tuned. I'm trying some out ... plan on finding a keeper by Monday.
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