Diet Tracker (Help!)

(In which Doug displays his complete ignorance of all things diet-related....)

I've been looking for tips for creating a nice little diet tracker form for ages. Some of the tips have led me in the right direction, while others were a complete no-go (how many grapefruit can one eat a day?!?), and then there were those people who asked me to copy some designs obviously controlled by a heavy-handed corporation brimming with legal hell-hounds and the former Duchess of York.

So I did a bit of research, and combined it with some of the tips sent to me. Now, I'm showing off my complete diet-centric unsavvitude by asking for help here. Click below, and you'll see a sample graphic of the form I have in mind. What am I missing? What's right and what's wrong? Am I completely missing the mark? What would make it work better for you?

(Doug pleads for assistance. Grovels even. It's truly a pitiful sight. Better avert the children's eyes.)

Sample (DRAFT) Diet Tracker Form (landscape layout)


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As someone "in the middle" of a diet

for most of my life (never truly obese, just not "slim", okay?), I can say with perfect truthfulness that I've used a home-grown version of what you've got there. It worked "okay". That's all I can say about it.

What I CAN say REALLY DOES work doesn't fit well in any particular with the overarching philosophy of D*I*Y Planner. What works to the nth degree (for me - YMMV) is - because the thing that breaks on paper setups is the unavailability of the information one needs - caloric content, how it's broken out into fat, carbs, etc. There's no practical way to carry that around with you, and believe me when I say that no matter how "regimented" you think you are about what you ingest and when, you will eventually bork when you're tired in the evening and you have to LOOK ALL THAT STUFF UP....

Different things work well

Different things work well for different people. I've tripped across a few web sites like the one you link to, but they are not for me. I used dietlog quite successfully to help shed that last 15 pounds a few years ago, before my palm crashed and I lost all my information for the last time. Now I'm trying to do the same thing with the last bit of baby weight (although I think little will beat nursing). Anything that reinforces good habits and discipline has to help. I've also heard it said that people who physically write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.

Many folks (according to the requests, myself included) would love to have ready and free access to a good paper diet and excercise log, as part of their regular planner... or to post it on their fridge!

I think a reference sheet template for foods eaten on a regular basis is a good idea. Also a chart for tracking weight loss or gain. Could a small chart be on the same page or is that too much info? I'm not sure encouraging people to weigh in every day is very healthy. Maybe once a week would make more sense, and save space for other data.

Excuse my lack of technical know how, but in terms of rerence sheets is it possible to do something in tandem with the svg diypanner type template? Or something of that nature?

What about some motivating quotes on a series of pages? Or a place for quotations?


Being ridiculously cheap, I

Being ridiculously cheap, I always went for a food log rather than a diet tracker. The only reason I keep a food log is that I find usually it does actually curtail the amount that I eat.

Doug, your diet tracker seems fairly standard to what I usually see under that title. (Be happy with your ignorance on the topic BTW - those that know it tend to be a bit ... obsessive on the topic :) ). The only real problem with using a diet tracker form (in general) is that, without some sort of print out of food items - knowing how much of each of the calories/calories from fat you've eaten over a set period of time is not easy.

It might do to just leave the headers blank. That way anyone can use it whether they count weight watcher's points, diabetes symbols, or protein, carbs, and three types of fat.

Keep the weight column, but put it at the bottom of the week. I find it mentally exhausting to weigh myself each week, and could never bring myself to do it daily. Then again that might just be me. Most of the nutritionists I've spoken to don't seem to believe in daily weigh-ins unless you're on a doctor-watched diet (to gain or to loose weight).

One option might be to have a check-box under a column titled workout - that would allow dieters to put a mark on the page for every day that they work out that week. Either that or use the checkbox to mark down a letter code to work as a cross-reference to their workout planner. Just an idea.

I don't count calories, but

I don't count calories, but that's probably because I'm less interested in losing weight and more interested in eating a balanced diet (still need to work on those veggies!) and figuring out when and how to do exercise. =) I suspect I might be better off increasing output (exercise) instead of decreasing input (calories)...

Diet Tracker

Subscibe to -its free - and have a look at their free to download pdfs on the matter.

Might be what you are looking for.