Top-loading tabs?

My sister once gave me a planner that I didn't care for. It was a black vinyl job with a snap closure, not me at all! I kept it for a while trying to make friends with it but eventually gave up on it. It was maybe a Daytimer? Anyhoo, it had the usual set-up of pages with tabbed dividers. I did not like their forms or style. However, it had an interesting feature of tabs along the tops of some of the sections. I am revamping my current planner (zipper microfiber although I also have a zipper leather model that I love) and its contents. I have the tabs in place for months, contacts, notes, and lots of customized tabs for all of my various agencies I work for. I was thinking those top tabs would stand out for other things and make additional sections easier to find. But I can't find the binder that had those top tabs. I think I probably finally gave it away to charity. I've looked online at Daytimer, Dayrunner, etc., and can't find tabs like that again. Has anyone else seen these?

Also, I was wondering where do you folks position your page turners? I can't seem to decide where to place mine. It actually seems to get in my way. I don't need it in the calendar section as that already has specific tabs that I can flip to. I keep my inbox/running to-do list on the notepad in the back of the binder so it's easy to get at. I also use a trusty little 3X5 pad that is monogrammed that my former boss brought me from Italy. I use it as a satellite for my planner and carry it in my purse for jotting stuff as I think of it and for a shopping list. It's much better than getting to the grocery store and realizing that my shopping list is on a magnet attached to the frig! My hipster PDA also has a cool holder on my desk that has a spot for a notepad and a pen holder. It's just a cheap-o plastic number that came from a discount store but is kinda cute with some cat pictures on it. I also have pockets in my planner to hold stickies and 3X5 cards.

I love my classic size planner and took everything out and redid it front to back. Now it's sleeker and more manageable. I just want to find those top thumb tab thingees. I guess I could make some but these were just the thing! I'm afraid any I would make would be flimsy. There is a slim chance that the old binder that had this is hiding somewhere in my basement but I don't feel like excavating down there to find out!

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How hard do you want to look?


On the top-tabs, I recall that covey had some at one point. Not sure if they still do. You can check the web sites for the big three and ebay and other places and see what you find, but you have to ask yourself--if you don't want to look in the basement, how hard do you really want to look? :)

Self-adhesive tabs work well, or you could cut yourself some tab-sized bits of paper and glue them to the dividers you already have.. If you feel crafty you could cut your own tabs entirely, punch the holes, etc. I've got some tabs I made from a really lovely pearlescent navy paper. All that's needed is to write the section names on them in metallic silver pen. :)


The reason for not wanting

The reason for not wanting to look in the basement is it is a disaster area. My husband has four different types of cancer, including a brain tumor. I am up every few hours in the night to care for him and digging through the debris field downstairs is not high on my list.

Ygor, thanks for the post-it link!

Caring for sick family

Hi Tildy.

Good lord, four different cancers! That's awful. I know how you feel getting up every few hours, then having a full day of more care or job or both. I certainly wasn't feeling crafty when the twins were new, nor was I very interested in sifting through our own pile of junk to find a given item.

I would definitely stick with the stick-on tabs. The office supply store has the post-it variety like ygor posted, as well as the plastic ones you slip the title inside. Getting them lined up the way you like them is sometimes a challenge, so there's also another option.

Depending on the availability of punch and paper cutter, and the size of binder you're using, you could also buy letter-sized tabs of whatever variety you prefer, then cut them down so they're top-loading instead of side loading. This would work with the classic size and smaller binders.

Another option is just to cut rectangles of paper that are 'too tall' to make full width tabs. Then you don't have the fussy work of trying to cut your own tabs or align the sticky ones--just use different color papers to differentiate the sections, or write the name on the bit that sticks up. I actually use this method in my binder--full width dividers in different colors.


Thanks for all the good

Thanks for all the good hints! I really appreciate it!

You might consider...

Post-it® Durable Tabs
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Office Depot "Generics"

I went to Office Depot last night to buy some Post-it® Durable Tabs. They are available in 66 tab packages of three different colors (red, yellow and blue OR pink, green and orange) for $6.

Then I saw some Office Depot brand Self-Stick Index Tabs (removable adhesive) in a pack of 96 tabs, 4 colors (yellow, blue, green, magenta) for $4.

I went with the less expensive.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Printable Tabs

Avery makes Printable Self-Adhesive Tabs (that can be printed upon) and Self-adhesive Index Tabs (for writing on)

They are permanent once attached to a page.

Eureka - I found them!

I found the top tabs. They weren't in the basement after all! Seems that I didn't like the cover on that planner so I dismantled it. I gave the binder away and kept the innards. There weren't as many top tabs as I recalled but there are two so that will work. I can always add more from the great ideas you all gave me. Thanks!