Recipe Jotter

Simple form with prompts for jotting down a recipe.

nb 12/13/08 - per request I have added the original open office doc that I created this with. Enjoy!


Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

My wife asked me to design her a simple page to fit in her planner so she could jot down recipes when she came across them - this is the result. It is Classic size (8 1/2 x 5 1/2) and set up for 2-up printing - I hope someone else finds this useful

nb 12/13/08 - per request I have added the original open office doc that I created this with. Enjoy!


Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Adobe Acrobat reader; OpenOffice
Recipe Jotter 2-up.pdf115.8 KB
Recipe Jotter 2-up.odg16.2 KB
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Very impressive

Hi willhparker,
I like the form a lot. I especially like that you've got an equipment section (most people don't use it, but I find it handy). I find them very useful. Pretty too.

Thank You

for your kind words. My wife enjoys this addition to her planner a lot. She is actually the one who encouraged me to share with others - I kinda felt funny about it what with all the really excellent templates on this site. I hope you enjoy using it!

I agree with Rebecca. These

I agree with Rebecca. These are great. *grabs*

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

I love this form!

This is my new favorite form! I always hate it when you are in the doctor's office waiting room and you find an awesome recipe in one of the waiting room magazines and do you tear it out? I am afraid the magazine police will come get me! This form will be so handy to have so I can jot it down quickly.


okay now i need some

I hadn't thought of that ... but you are so right. I always end up sitting too close to the front desk to even DARE take a clipping... and my father was a librarian so I was taught never do such things ;P Great idea~!

my artwork

That is exactly why my wife

That is exactly why my wife wanted me to create this - Dr office, Dentist office, Hairdressers, anyplace she is spending time sitting and waiting. She even used it at the kids ballgame the other night! (Bonus - we are getting some great new dinner "favourites" now she can jot 'em down)

I am glad you all are enjoying it as much as she does - makes me feel like I did something good :)


Great, but...

Great template. I really love cooking and I will probably use this one quite a bit.
The only sore in the eye is the use of Comic Sans, but I guess I can stand it.

1-up Printing?

Love this form, and intend to include it in my planner. Any way this can be posted 1-up in Classic size?

Thank you!

Yes please!

I second the motion for 1-up classic size in this one! I don't have a hole puncher or paper trimmer, just classic size paper with the holes already punched.

Recipe Jotter

This is absolutely wonderful. You designed a functional and useful recipe holder and I think its great.
Julie Nielsen

I too love the layout, but

I too love the layout, but would love to be able to print one per page. i tend to write extremely large and can never fit all I have to write! If someone knows how to make this one per page please let me know!
Thanks for the great layout!

I love this but...

I write large and use a 8 1/2 X 11 working on the idea:)but if you can post it full size would be nice or several sizes...

one per page

I agree that the one per page would be useful. Also, those of us that are getting up there in age would appreciate larger print.

print 'em larger

Under my print options in Adobe Reader, I see an option called "Page Scaling..." Selecting that, one of my options is fit to print area. If you choose the A4 (or US Letter for you Americans) size, and print this, I believe you will get the result you are after. It will definitely give you larger print. :-)

-Jon (who is running VirtualBox on his Mac to test this--so your results may vary)

Thank you

Hi Will Parker
Thank you and your wife! This is a very handy format! I was looking for something to give my God-Daughter for a Bridal shower present...looking for a recipe book, but this will be a great start for her. I will include this with the recipes that I am giving her as a gift!
Thank you again for doing the computer work!

bigger size

I would be interested in a bigger side of this, say maybe 8.5 x 11 in a printable PDF file.

Recipe Jotter

Hi Will: WOW - I am impressed with this. How many times have I wanted a recipe from a magazine that didnt belong to me but I couldnt tear it out - so this will be a very useful form.
Thanks so much!! I am glady I found U.

1 up Letter sized PDF

I just spent a few minutes messing around with the Open Office file and have a 1 up letter sized version - do you mind if I upload the PDF?

(They're offset slightly - to the left on page 1 and to the right on page 2, to allow room for punching holes and printing double sided, but I can easily adjust it to whatever margins are 'normal.')

It is a very nice layout. :)