eBay - Levenger Portable Punch

There is a Levenger Circa Portable Punch on EBay that is currently going for $25.....

Item #: 250088094224

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That's only $9 less than a

That's only $9 less than a new Circa portable punch available from Levenger.

9 bucks is 9 bucks

at least in my life it is. Plus the shipping is only 5.99.....


I agree... a penny saved is a penny earned...

And if I recall correctly, Levenger shipping and handling is a bit high for my wallet.
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8 bucks, actually

Minimum bid is $26.00. Unless you're already the high bidder... And assuming no one outbids you...

Laura (kicking the eBay habit, really!)

I just checked the Levenger

I just checked the Levenger site - portable punch is actually $38/-, so that's more than $9 cheaper.

Hope you win it, nay nay.

Hurry! Rollabind desk punch on ebay

The auction is comming to a close soon, so if anyone is around and wants a punch check it out. Bidding is still low, and less than an hour to go.
Good luck