Has anyone seen the planner at timesystem.us ? Has anyone used it or had any experience with it?

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Just looked...

...and I did not see anything special or different to set it apart from Franklin-Covey, Day-Runner, or any of the rest.
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I didn't think it was that

I didn't think it was that different just the fold over to do list. I was wondering if it would be possible to make one from DIY planner, just extend the size horizontally until it was long enough to fold over? What do you guys think?

P.S. That was my post up there just didn't realize I wasn't logged in.

Fold over forms

I tried the timesystem stuff and I liked it. The folding over was a new idea for me. I eventually did make my own forms that I folded over, but that was a while back, before I went Circa and then went hPDA...


Fold-over sheets

I use a fold-out "Weekly Planning" page in my planner. That's just a classic-size page printed on one end of a letter-size sheet, but I'm sure you could make landscape-format pages to handle whatever you're looking for.

Do you procrastinate?



I was using a A5 sized Time/System in former times, when I worked as a salesman. The quality of the Binder was the best I´ve ever seen (speaking of affordable prices). I SOLD it at a high price at ebay after 7 years of daily use, because I switched to a palm because it fits into my trouserpocket.

Now I´m building up a hipster-style binder with some time/system elements, but this time it is mini/"Partner" sized (A7, sic Rings, the trouserpocket again - you know!).

I can recommend Time/System to anyone who is willing to pay more than average produtcs, because the look & feel as well as the quality and durability are worth every penny.

As soon as my cheap binder will wear off, I will buy a Time/System oder a Helfrecht (www.helfrecht.de) - I´m not quite sure.

Hope, this helped a bit

Greetings from Berlin


SPAM Posts

I suspect that many of these comments are SPAM, attempts to lure someone to a commercial site in the hopes that they will buy something.


Haven't used the US version have used to European version - business and personal -.

Very much liked the system altho' I found insuffiient space on some of the paperwork provided for writing all that I required.

All in all a good system that required (for me) not enormous adaptation to use it but by comparison to the (limited) alternatives available a very expensive option at approx £30.00 - A filofax Time Management annual refill is £11.00 (you do have to buy the binder but then you have to that with TimeSystem first time out and that pushes the initial price quite considerably.


TimeSystem: 7-hole = FC; A5 = a different layout

Not a product schill, but a history from personal experience:
{My use of links evidently caught this in the processed lunch-meat net. No links in this one.}

Back a couple years, Timesystem or Time/Design had only the "business" (A5) and the "compact" sized planners and only one design layout. And it was good.

That layout nicely differed from FC in several respects. Among the differences: a place to note today's focus and a section for extended evening hours and notes (on the *backside* of the daily sheet). Of course, they also offered their unique flip-over task sheet. (That original layout is still sold in Europe. Links below. )

Then for about a year or two, there was an option to have their same layout printed on 7-hole paper (for FranklinCovey binders), instead of on the normal 6-hole paper. [That is when I jumped in and happily used their planner for a while.]

Now their 7-hole (US) product is called "m-system" and looks exactly like FC exept the notes page is on the left side of the binder, the schedule on the right. [That is when I jumped off and no longer use their planner.]

Bottom Line:
Use the www (dot) timesystem (dot) com site in UK (and pick a European Country) to order the better/original layout

Use the timesystem (dot) us or timedesign (dot) us site in USA (obviously) to order either a modified 6-hole layout or that silly copy-cat "m-system" layout

BTW, I did like their paper quality, design, and some training materials -- and yes, David Allen did use to work for them in his pre-Organizational-Messiah days.

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