rawr login issue

Its me... Sara... the cursed. or so it appears these days...

I'm unable to log in from home but I can from work.

Any ideas?

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I'm sorry

First of all, I apologize for laughing. Just keep in mind that I needed a lift...

Um lets see... caps lock? Wrong password? Wrong userid? Bird walking on keyboard while you are trying to type? (Wait, no, that's MY problem!)


lol i cant help but laugh at

lol i cant help but laugh at my bad turn of fortune...

today at work my printer decided to vomit ink all over the floor while my boss was trying to fix it... he dumbed water on it. seriously looked like someone wet themselves behind my desk.. yay for me. >.<

funniest part of not being able to log in... is it doesnt even tell me password or username is incorrect... O.o... maybe my "H" grew back... lol ill try Sarah now.

No error, but can't logon?

If you're not getting a user/pass error, chances are your browser is not configured to accept cookies. Check to see if you're blocking cookies or if your security level is high, and maybe put diyplanner.com on your "trusted sites" list (if you use IE).


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Daniel, I haven't changed


I haven't changed anything in my browser and I have had no issues with other websites... cookies are enabled. same settings that allowed me to log in without issue before the "great disappearance of 2007."

its just the curse... it has to be. i did something horrible and now karma is out to get me... wish i could have enjoyed the evil-deed.

It's Nay Nay

I have problems logging in at work... If I go to this site and login, nothing happens. So, I close the site and open it again and I am automatically logged in... Very weird, but that is how I have to do it at work. :P
nay nay

at work

I have an idea... i'll do that "Forgot password" thing when i get home today and see if i cant re-enter the same password. strange that work is working since my worst luck has happened here... o.O maybe its a message that i've been working too hard. :D
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Work not logging off

If this site doesn't allow a user to log in multiple times a once, then your work system might be keeping you logged in and the site is stopping a secondary log in.

My work network sometimes doesn't register that I've logged off a site - or is so busy being 'secure' that it doesn't allow me to log off a site.


Strangest thing is everything was fine until this week.

I requested a new password and now I'm logged in here at home AND still at work... so I guess I found a way around the problem...
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Can someone tell me how to find an admin contact? :-)

I still can't get logged into the site, and still can't get email from the diyplanner.com server. I'm not sure who I should contact for assistance. I registered with username OffLead. Mail to the offlead.com domain doesn't seem to want to come through (not hitting my server at all, I've checked), but maybe if my account was changed to use my gmail account (included with this post) I could get the reset password to work. Or my account could just be deleted so I could re-join with the gmail address.



Might I suggest


From what I understand... Doug (the owner of the site) has already attempted to lead you through your issues of logging in.

May I suggest that you go ahead and reattempt to create a new log in (with your gmail address) and see if that one works? if it does not, then try and contact us again.

if it does, then yay.

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What was relayed to me was that I should check my spam filters and possibly re-register with another email address. I had already checked the spam filters, as well as all the logs on my server, and can verify that no mail from this site is reaching my domain's server (which is a dedicated server under my control). I white-listed this domain in the spam filters, and even turned them off, and then went crawling through the server logs, and there's just nothing arriving from this site to my server. It's not anyone's fault, just one of those weird things that sometimes crops up on the interweb. ;-) (This is the second time in the last 12 years that I've had something like this happen. The last time was a problem between my ISP and a friend's ISP across the country, and we never did get that one resolved either. The two providers just couldn't find each other on the net. The problem resolved when one of us moved. *G*)

Anyhow, I'd love to re-register, but I very much want to use the same username I already registered. The registration took, I just never got the password via email, and can't get any of the reset-password mails either. I'm terrible at keeping track of usernames, and this is the one I always use everywhere, and have for many many years. I'm rather attached, plus it always would bug me to have something I can't access floating around with my name. If the account could be deleted, or the email changed on it, then I could re-register or access the reset password without trouble.

But thanks for answering the question about who is the right person to contact for admin issues. Appreciate that!