...And they disappeared in a puff of logic...

Hello again, folks. Yes, we vanished for a while due to some server issues at our hosting provider. I've spent the better part of three days frantically clicking on the non-existent site, mailing admins, and navigating call centres on foreign shores to hear vague promises of "we are aware of a problem and have submitted it to our administrators." In the next week or so, we'll actually be moving to another server, so I'm praying this shouldn't happen again.

In the meantime, I have to thank all the people who wrote to me to express their feelings when the site disappeared. I must admit, I wasn't prepared to hear that outpouring, and how much DIYPlanner meant to so many members of our little community. Rest assured, if we vanish again, we will be back.

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Thank you for being back.

I've been a member for a little over a week and was rather put out/worried/sadened that the site might have disappeared for good. Here's hoping that the new server works better.

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I am so glad that you're up

I am so glad that you're up and running again! I just found you on Thursday and was so worried when I could get the site to open on Friday!

I knew you wouldn't let us down

I had faith that the site would be back up as soon as possible, although I did experience severe withdrawal symptoms!

Yes, withdrawal....

And surprisingly so! I knew the site would be back, but that didn't stop me from reloading the page every few hours, hoping to see you again! Sad, really sad.... ;-)

I didn't realize how addicted I had become until you went down.... Nothing like a good dose of reality to make one aware of himself. :-)


really glad you're back

I was really hoping diyplanner wasn't gone for good. I just got a sample pack of Circa products from Ryan at Levenger and was wanting to share some ideas and ask questions. I curbed my diyplanner withdrawal by emailing Ryan my questions and started typing up my ideas.



I haven't had much Internet time recently... but I was really sad when I couldn't show my friend this great resource on Saturday. So glad everything is back ♥ ... this site is my anchor for keeping myself on task with organization lately. :)
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Good luck, been there a few times myself recently

Good luck with the server move. I recently moved a few dozen sites myself because my previous hosting provider seemed to be going downhill quickly (and the performance of the server was garbage!). The new one provided me with much faster equipment and antiquated software, which got hacked pretty quickly. So I got to repeat the process all over again a month later.

It's easy to get discouraged by these setbacks, but ultimately the people who get the most usage out of your resources will keep coming back, and will wait out the glitches with you.