Rolla/Circa Disk Sizes

**Edited 2/28/07 to update all size info into top post - Reese

Now that we have a forum topic on paper sizes/names from the various planner manufacturers, I think it will be very handy to have one on disc sizes as well.

Could those of you who own discs from each company please take some measurements and help fill in the blanks below? The info I have listed below is just from Levenger and Rolla's websites. I haven't had the $$ to switch yet... :(


**Solid/Translucent Colors**
Small : 1/4" paper capacity
0.575" outer diameter, 0.42" inner diameter
Medium: 1/2" paper capacity
0.735" outer diameter, 0.585" inner diameter
Large: 3/4" paper capacity
0.906" outer diameter, 0.744" inner diameter
Jumbo: 1" paper capacity
1.205" outer diameter, 1.03" inner diameter

*Metallic Colors**
Small (3/8" paper capacity) - Are these a different size than "regular" small?
Large (3/4" paper capacity) - Same as regular large?

Standard 1/2": 80 sheet capacity
0.73" outer diameter, 0.58" inner diameter
Medium 3/4": 120 sheet capacity
0.905" outer diameter, 0.745" inner diameter
Large 1": 150 sheet capacity
1.207" outer diameter, 1.044" inner diameter
X-Large 1 1/2": 200 sheet capacity
1.494" outer diameter, 1.332" inner diameter

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Some Rolla measurements:

Small solid/translucent: 0.575" outer diameter, 0.42" inner diameter
Medium: 0.735" outer diameter, 0.585" inner diameter
Jumbo: 1.205" outer diameter, 1.03" inner diameter

I don't have any large at the moment.

Some small measuring error is expected, I'm not entirely sure I was using the digital calipers correctly. :)



Too much information! I can't be bothered with so much detail - decimal places and whatnot. :-) Simple fractions hurt my brain some days. Thanks shris, that's great info. Good to have in the archives.




I was going to eyeball it on a ruler, but the rings just don't fit the standard fractions, and my eyes were crossing.

When I decided I needed to count 32nds of an inch instead of just 16ths I decided the calipers would be a better choice. :)


Just busting on ya!

Some days digital is certainly easier, and I can understand you wanted to be exact.

I'm curious now what the Circa stuff REALLY measures...

I'm going to update the top post here with the fractions to the nearest 32nd. I can go back and change it again if people complain!


Send me some


Well, if anybody wants to send me some Circa discs, I'll measure them with the same tool. :) Say, 11 of each size to get a good sample and ensure consistency.. :)


A Great Idea!

And I volunteer to fully support the accuracy of your measurements. After all, anyone who has a set of digital calipers (and isn't afraid to use them) can't be wrong. ;-)

Get them in the mail people - this is for a good and noble cause!


Circa sizes

Hi Reese.

Apparently our mutual wish made some Circa discs fall from the sky into a Fedex truck bound for my house. :)

I got four different sizes of Circa discs today. They were not size-labeled, but I can make a pretty good guess.

Standard: .73" outside diameter, .58" inside diameter
Medium: .905" outside diameter, .745" inside diameter
Large: 1.207" outside diameter, 1.044" inside diameter
X-Large: 1.494" outside diameter, 1.332" inside diameter

I can now pass judgement on the quality of the Levenger discs (based on a sample size of 132 discs) vs the 120 Rollabind discs I have.

Individual comparison points:

  • Seams: All the discs from both companies have horizontal seams running round the outside circumference of the ring. This is due to mold construction requirements, and I don't think this matters at all to the function of the discs.
  • Mold marks: All of the discs from both companies have mold marks. However, in almost every case the Levenger marks are smoother, cleaner, and less noticeable than the Rollabind marks. The exception to this is a sample of red discs from Levenger, which are in my opinion equal in quality to the Rolla discs of similar size and color. I must say the silver rings from Levenger are beautiful. I have no similar color from Rollabind though I know they're available somewhere.
  • Kicker marks: All of the discs from both companies have kicker marks. A kicker mark is a concentric raised ring on one of the flat sides of each disc, made by a device in the mold that 'kicks' the finished part out of the mold after completion. Essentially it's another seam. In the smaller discs the ring is quite close to the 'mushroom cap', but it's further from the edge in the larger Levenger discs. The larger Rollabind discs have the kicker mark very close to the edge. It would be possible for the kicker mark to affect the feeling of 'drag' as you turn the pages, but I don't think this is significant.
  • Texture: The larger Rollabind rings have a roughened texture on one flat side of the larger disc sizes (Jumbo for sure, and I expect also the Large, though I have no sample right now). There's also a logo on this same side, with smooth indented letters. Net result is that the page 'ears' move over texture/smooth/texture/smooth as you spin the disc or turn the pages. The Levenger discs have no such texture or logo. The metallized silver discs from Levenger have a slightly toothy finish (as if they had been tumbled briefly as is done with metal parts), but it's much less than the texture on the larger Rollabind rings. The other colors are glossy smooth.

All in all, I would say the Levenger discs to display slightly more attention to detail than the Rollabind discs. And of course I am deeply appreciative that they fell out of the sky into my lap, so to speak.

I still think the discs themselves are priced rather high, no matter who you're buying them from. I do like the bulk kits that are available from Rollabind (though not everyone needs assorted colors) and I wonder if Levenger would be able to do something similar--with a larger package of discs, say for 10 or 20 books, rather than 2. It seems appropriate for a business market, but I have honestly no notion of whether there'd be a lot of demand for it. I am thinking of this for folks like DH who put together business plans from time to time, or promotional materials, etc. where you need to make multiple copies.


Ah, the Power of Positive Thinking...

Thanks for the great comparison and the additional measurements for our little reference topic. I am SO ready to go to Circa, just because it seems so cool and DIYable. Sure, I can continue to make due with my old-fashioned FC Classic size planner and 7-hole punch, but that is so 20th century!

Alas, I think I'll be waiting until at least my B-day in June to justify the investment. I'm still going to try and get my wife into Levenger when we visit DC in April and see what the Fates bring. Wish me luck!


EDIT: I did indeed get to Levenger (last April now) and bought up the store. Unfortunately for my wife, she was down the mall at Build-A-Bear with the kids and couldn't control my spending. She's still ugly about it. :-)

Viva la Circa!

Last measurement


I got an order of Rolla discs in today, so I finally have a large disc for comparison.

Large: .906" outside diameter, .744" inside diameter

Later today or perhaps tomorrow I hope to post photos of the discs next to one another so the sizes and colors can be compared.


You're the best!

You've been invaluable, shris. Thanks so much for 1) buying all the disks first, then 2) taking the time to measure them all.

This seemed like a good idea to me, unfortunately, I couldn't do any of the work! :)


Minor correction


Just one minor correction, Reese. I didn't buy *all* the discs. The Circa discs magically fell from the sky into my lap (thanks, Ryan!). I, like many others here, have been given a tempting taste of Levenger customer service. :)

If someone wants to send me a couple of the metallic Rollas I'll measure those too...and even send them back. But for 3x the cost of a plain disc I'm not sure I want to lay down the cash even if they are pretty. And I wouldn't blame anyone else for resisting too!


I didn't realize that...

I assumed you had bought some. Well then, thank you Ryan!

I concur

You have great ideas, great input and I love reading your posts :) Thank you~!
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Another comment on textures with the Rollabind discs. In my latest batch, some of the Medium size discs had the logo/texture. So the only size of Rolla that's totally free of texture (so far) is the Small. Bleh.

Also, when it appears, the texture is on BOTH sides--logo on one side, patent number on the other. :p Double-bleh.