"Getting Things Done: My Experiences with Using GTD"

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am an Internet addict. (Shocked?) Some days I have no idea what I’m looking for or where I will find it. I know there is some site out there that will be a valuable resource. The exploring is half the fun. The other half is discovering a website that hits the spot. At first glance, this little website lacks the pizzazz of a major discovery. However, I assure you that this gem should not be overlooked. The usefulness of gtd.marvelz.com may not be evident at first. After all, another blog is just another blog, right? Wrong.

Having recently finished reading through David Allen’s Getting Things Done, I can relate to much of what this blog discusses. The author writes “…[I]t has changed my life in small and big ways. This blog is my attempt to share some of my experiences concerning GTD with you.” The entries began in January of 2007. My initial visit consisted of reading through the author’s blog entries. It was reassuring to discover that my beginnings with GTD were not dissimilar.

Just like the author I have managed to avoid the eventful In-Boxing of all my “stuff.” I’m not too concerned about it at this point which may come back to haunt me in the future. Also, the blogger describes several different attempts at implementing GTD, both digital and analog. Our home-away-from-home DIYPlanner.com is a great example of the changing and evolving needs of a GTD-er. We are constantly refining our systems to suit our individual situations. We are eager to read about new products or systems in hopes of finding that missing piece to our own organizational puzzle. Perhaps the author’s use of an Excel based system will be your piece.

It is the constantly shifting world of GTD that inspired the creation of the best feature of gtd.marvelz.com. Behold "The Ultimate Getting Things Done Index." The name alone tickled my interest. Stumbling upon a website that has an ultimate index was quite gratifying. The index is a list of GTD related blogs and feeds across the Internet. Several online and offline tools to help implement and keep on track with David Allen’s methods are also listed. A new feature added at the beginning of this month shows the age of the listed blog items by change in colored text. Read more about the color-coding in this blog entry. Visually, viewers can pick out the newest GTD news. This resource is a great time saver for the GTD enthusiast in us all.

I always value sites that save time and energy. "The Ultimate Getting Things Done Index” is the kind of resource that will do just that. It is in essence a one-stop-shop for GTD news across the Internet. If the blog itself is not your cup of tea, perhaps the time saving aspects of the Index will entice you to visit if not add it to your Internet repertoire. Now if you will kindly excuse me, I have an addiction to pacify. ♥

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Hi Sara!

As the author of the "GTD Experiences" blog and the creator of the "GTD Index", I was pleasantly surprised by the "review" you have written here on D*I*Y Planner. Thank you so much for your interest and your kind words!

I have started "doing" GTD almost 6 months ago and I am still learning a lot about it, especially from other GTD blogs (and there are a lot right now!). Being somewhat of an Internet addict myself, it was only natural for me to start blogging about my GTD experiences, hoping that other GTD enthusiasts may benefit from it.

The same idea applies to the GTD Index. I found myself spending a lot of time trying to keep up with all the interesting sites, blog feeds, software and other links related to GTD. The GTD Index started as a Single Page Aggregator just for me, but I quickly discovered that a lot of other people find it useful as well to say the least.

The GTD Index is very young and still an ongoing project. I'm active in improving its layout and functionality. Suggestions or remarks are always welcome of course.

One tip for GTD enthusiasts: dive into the GTD Index and you will find many interesting GTD blogs, and - more importantly - many interesting people behind those blogs that are very much willing to help you on your way to Get Things Done... good luck!


Sara, Interesting article.


Interesting article. In relation to GTD I have to admit to having an Anglo-Saxon approach (!!) - a very clever money-making idea dreamt by an American for Americans centred around telling them at a cost what they already know - but having delved further I discovered that in my own way (usually using lists) I have been doing a form of GTD most if not all my working life - shock, horror I am a GTDer!! -. I have now been running a more formalised approach at work using Outlook which I tweaked to assist.......we, like many are stuck with Microsoft products.......and I have to say it has helped considerably. The paper side has been more difficult. I have always favoured a fountain pen or rollerball over ballpoint and finsding a paper-based system that is portable, large enough to write useful/meaningful notes and reminders in has proven a challenge. I have gone through several systems and have nearly settled on a Filofax with their Time Management week refill coupled with DIY Palnner A5 forms to increase and enhance flexibility and adaptability but their is a challenge - the Moleskine 18 month planner -. The Moleskine is fabulous to write in and highly portable but additional notes etc have to be on Post Its stuck to pages or on cards in the back pocket, either way it can make it messy and bulky which tends to defeat the object.......but I relaly like it. The filofax being a very lightweight ring binder is far more flexible and adaptable and probably the ultimate winner but it is not quite the same pleasure to write in...........At this point I have to tell myself to get a grip, business is not sentimental!! But nonetheless!!.

Keep the articles coming


Wowwee zowwee! What a great resource! But very dangerous if I start reading too many blogs. I will add it to my "favorites" for those cold winter nights...


Excellent article


Excellent article and thanks for pointing us to a great resource, both list-wise and content-wise.

Phooey on not publishing your incredibly useful Excel GTD version.

Ok...not a big "phooey"...more like an "aw, man! why can't
we have a copy?!" ;-)

And major kudos for such a great site!

double phooey!

I double the above Phooey! When I read through the bog and saw the awesome excel file, I immediately went to the bottom to find the link. After searching the site and coming up with nothing, I read through the comments and realized it was not available to all of the other gtd-frks out there! Phooey and big bummer too! :( nay nay sad. But, it is obvious, gtdfrk, we are all looking forward to the link when you are ready to open the fun to the public!
thanks for all of the great info on your site/blog!!!
nay nay

Make that Triple

I was also extremely bummed out that the Excel GTD was not available for the public. It looks way too cool!!