ooDraw - font changes to pdf

I created a form in ooDraw using the kit template for parts (copy and paste). The form looks great in ooDraw and uses the Blue Highway and Blue Highway Bold fonts (like the template does). But, when I export to pdf, the Blue Highway Bold is substituted for Perpetua-Bold in my pfd file.

The font is in my C:\Windows\Fonts\ directory (Win ME) and if I copy another copy of the file there, it says that the font is already installed. I even deleted the file from the fonts directory and recopied it there and it still substitutes just the Blue Highway Bold for another font.

Funny - I can select text in my ooDraw file (from a text object copied from the template) and it shows the font as Blue Highway Bold. But I can not find the font if I create a new text box, and the font is also not in ooWrite. That's odd... Is it somehow only installed in the template for ooDraw? Do I need to embed the font somehow? I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas anyone?

- Chris

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no clue but

You mentioned "export to pdf".

What happens if you save as a pdf?
my artwork

That's part of the issue.

That's part of the issue. In ooDraw, the form is fine. When I File -> Export to PDF, it prompts me for a file name, (warns me if I am overwriting the same name as last time I exported it to PDF - you can imagine I have done this several times now out of frustration!), it then shows some parameters that I can control for the pdf creation, then it creates the pdf file. That's it.

I open the pdf file and it kept all things that were Blue Highway and substituted that other font for all things Blue Highway Bold.

It's as thought I was able to put the font in the directory, but it is not getting installed properly. Maybe I will try downloading all 5 font files again, deleting/uninstalling them , rebooting, reinstalling, and booting again. Maybe that will fix it.

Oh, (I just reread you message), if I do File -> Save As and choose pdf as the extension (I think png was the default), same thing happens as the export to pdf.

- Chris

ooDraw - font changes to pdf


I have experienced similar problems using uncommon fonts both TTF and OTF. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Read the Font FAQ wiki for Open Office 2.x.
  2. Copy the fonts (xxx.ttf) you used in the dedicated font directory of Open Office. The path looks most likely something like this: C:\Program Files\OpenOffice.org 2.1\share\fonts\truetype. It may be that you will need to generate truetype folder in this path.
  3. Be sure to restart open office completely before doing the test. Make a test file and export to PDF and test the results. In Adobe Acrobat reader you can see under file>properties>fonts if your fonts have been embedded. In my test it worked.
  4. Should nothing solve your problem consider installing PDFCreator. This is an open source program that works like a virtual printer and bypasses the built-in PDF option of Open Office altogether. Although it may have less options – such as notes and hyperlinks – it is graphically true to what you see on the screen (WYSIWYG). Within this program goto printer>options>pdf>fonts and make sure you click the option embed all fonts.

Good luck and make pleasure in printing


Thanks for the reply. I'll

Thanks for the reply. I'll give what you suggested a shot. In the mean time, I tried 2 other downloads of the bluebold.ttf file, but they don't seem to work for OOo (write or draw) on an Win ME system, nor does the font work in my Win XP system running MS Office 2003. 4 other fonts (Blue Highway, Blue Highway Condensed, Blue Highway D Type, and Blue Highway Linocut) work fine.

By the way, it does not look like the author is giving these away for free anymore. You can buy them as a deluxe font set. Something like 20 variations in that font family.

Anyway, from my point of view, the font bluebold.ttf is hosed. Maybe someone can figure out why the others work, but that one does not. If I do create the directories in OOo2.1 and get OOo to be able to use it, I would still be skeptical as the font won't work in other programs on other PCs.

To get around the issue for now, I configured OOo to substitue the font name "Blue Highway Bold" for "Blue Highway" and checked the Always box. Tools->Options, +OpenOffice.org->Fonts, check Apply Replacement table. Since the bold font was not in the drop down list, I just selected Blue Highway and manually typed " Bold" after it and it worked. Now, at least it looks consistant.

Has anyone else used the kit and noticed that the titles in the dark bars turn to something that looks different when they export to PDF with OOo Draw? Or am I the only one doing it this way (widget kit on ooDraw on Windows)?

- Chris