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I have been wanting to make some hipster LANDSCAPE templates. So, you would have the circa discs on the 5" side, but then the notebook would be a flip - did that make sense? Anyway, 1st I cannot figure out how to rotate the spreadsheet I inserted into OODraw file so that the spreadsheet is landscape, but the paper is portrait... Does anyone know how to do this? I can rotate everything else, but cannot rotate the spreadsheet. You are proably asking why I do not just make a landscape card - my printer prints great to portrait index cards, so I need to print portrait, but I want the info on the card to be landscape.
I know you all are crazy enough to understand my ramblings... or at least I hope you are! :S
nay nay

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Hi nay nay.

Your spreadsheet is one object, right? all the lines and stuff are basically one object?

If so, it looks like you have to 'break' it into its component parts, then re-group them, then rotate the group.

I tried to rotate an inserted spreadsheet about four different ways and it was disabled.

So you have to make it a picture first--right click and choose the item "Break". This might mess up your alignment, but all the parts will still be there to play with.

Once you have it broken into pieces, select them all, right click and choose "Group". After this, you can use the arrow going around in a circle, or the "Modify/Rotation" menu option.


Thanks Shris!

Appreciate the help Shris! I will be working on this over the weekend!
nay nay