Are you tired of the Candy A** staple puller you have on your desk now?? Then get one of these!!

Best darn value in a long time in office supplies... One of my favorite desk items along with my chrome ACE Pilot Desk Stapler... They make a perfect pair! It is so awesome they gave it a hole through the base so you could chain/screw it down!!

That would be this:

The Stanley-Bostitch G27W - Wear Resistant Nickel Plated Finish Heavy Duty and Carton Staple Remover... $8.99US at Office Depot! Is that a great price or what.

The thing even has replaceable blades, incase you break one off opening a Coke bottle or something :) Mine will work well on anything from a standard type desk staple all the way up to the large staples in cardboard boxes and heavy duty wood staples!

This sucker is great!

Just wanted to spread the word...


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