2007 Dated Month- and Week-To-Do

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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2007-dated classic-sized calendar in MS Word, for someone in need of more "to do" than appointment scheduling
(Warning: "girly" formatting!)
- Monthly format is two-pages-per-month, with space to record important dates, notes, and monthly to-do lists
- Weekly format is two-pages-per-week. The left side is labeled "To Do" and is for appointments, tasks, or general reminders. The right side is labeled "Done" for notes, information capture, historical recording, etc.
- Weeks run Monday-Sunday, to simplify weekend planning

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Microsoft Word Format
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Very classy!

I really like this layout! In fact, if I hadn't bought my wife a Moleskin for her "fake" Christmas present (she also got a digital camera), I would use this to set her up for this year!

However, as it is, I can't find a way to change the page setup on my Mac. It looks onscreen like a Classic, but trying to change to A5 or do other things, and it turns out to act more like US Letter. Can you share how you made it to Classic size? I also can't muck with it in PDF because of this.

Again, it is very classy--an understated feminine look. I like it a lot!



Thanks, Jon!

I really didn't expect that anyone else would find these to be very useful. I'm so tickled that you like it!

I created these in Word for XP. The page size is actually set to 8.5x11 in landscape orientation, with the "two pages per sheet" option. I have no idea how this ports to Mac, though, so it's quite likely that something got lost in translation!

To get the pages to print in the order I wanted, I really "kludged" my way. I print on 8.5x11 paper and then cut it in half and circa punch it. So I kept the 8.5x11 size, with a 6" left margin (to allow room for the punches). I printed the even pages in reverse order (so page 2 ended up on top of the pile), then fed whole pile through again and printed the odd pages in ascending order. (To make it even more complicated, I rotated the piles about halfway through so I used both halves of the paper!)

All that said, I can easily change the margins and/or generate a PDF file if you'd like a version that's easier for you to work with! Let me know what you'd prefer.


Thank you!

I also really love this format. It's nice and simple, but still, as you say "girly"--a definite plus. I too have a mac and can't seem to get it to print to up or one up on half sheets, either. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would love a 2-up pdf format. Thanks again for making this, the weekly view is so nice and fits my needs much better than a more rigid format.


Girly Calendar

LOVE THIS FORMAT! I am a teacher and would love to adapt this by adding class periods to each day. I have tried to shift the days over so that there is a pd. column on the left and mon.-weds. and then Thurs - Sun. on the right, but I can't seem to make it work. Also, did you add all of those dates by hand? How did you do that? It is so comprehensive! It is a really awsome creation!

this is great. I've been

this is great. I've been looking for something I can type in before I print - this might do it. I have to print it at 75% to fit in my planner but I think it will work!

Glad you like it...


What size planner do you use?


its like the covey size 4

its like the covey size 4 -compact - although its not that brand; 4.25x 6 3/4
I had tried some of the A5 templates on this site and they are too big. But I'm really desperate to have a format like yours where I can actually type stuff and then print it!
So, any other ideas?

Covey Compact

I used to use FC's compact size. FC sells blank, pre-punched paper that size. I designed my own forms in MS Word and printed them on the blank paper. Not all printers behave well with odd-size paper, but it worked well for me. You might try running a few outdated pages through your printer, just to see if it can handle that size.

(I've since switched to the Circa junior, which I can print on regular 8.5x11 paper and cut in half.)


Some people hear voices in their heads.
Writers take dictation.


Glad you find this useful!

No, I didn't add the dates by hand. I designed one month and one week the way I wanted them to look in Word, then used Excel to generate the actual dates, and then mail-merged them into Word. A little kludgey, but since I'm pretty good with Office/VBA, it was quicker for me than installing and learning Open Office!

I'm not sure how you're trying to change the layout. On the left side of the week view, you want to add a "Period" column to the left of the "Day" column, and then shift the dates at the bottom over? Would you like to have vertical lines all the way down the page, lining up with the days at the bottom?


Laura, I love it too -- I


I love it too -- I just made myself a circa junior set. A question -- would it be difficult for me to continue it to a 2008 version? I have some planning I need to do that goes through next May.

Thanks again for creating this. It is exactly what I needed!

classic 2007 to do planner

Can you please up date this for 2008?
I would really appreciate it.

Word Doc

It's a Word document. You can easily update it for yourself.