Lev Stationery Folio

Have any of you seen the "Stationery Folio" at Levenger. Since it is on clearance, this could make a great hipster, I think. Notice the size though - I little bit bigger than 3X5 cards, so I am not sure if it could hold them on the one side.... Just saw it though and thought I would throw it out to the diy world!

It is under the FOLIO tab on levenger.com
Stationery Folio Price: $68 Now $19.95 Save $48.05 Item:ADS0690 The Stationery Folio is as protective as a box, but more portable, so you can travel with your fine paper. Stores 6 correspondence cards and their envelopesSatin-lined interiorDependable tab-and-loop closureDurable pigskin leatherHolds stationery up to 4¼” x 6½”Stationery not included

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Nice! I might get one.

Nice! I might get one.


did you ever get one of these. I am still thinking about it... Seems like it would make a great hipster, but I am not sure if it would hold 3/5 or if you would need to use 4x6's....

nay nay

nay nay

No, I did not get one of these. I have a suggestion how you can get one - can you email me at chincm at gmail dot com? Thanks.

Nay Nay the Deal Hunter

Nay Nay, you crack me up! I think you can't pass up a good deal.



I can't pass anything up! Sale or no-sale, I MUST HAVE EVERYTHING!!!
nay nay