My Macawber mind maps.

Mind Mapping Hardware: (I prefer the term 'idea mapping' but...) When I constructed my Macawber PDA ( a breast pocket PDA named after the Dickens character) it began life as a series of white blank index cards. Then I discovered how to produce 3" X 5"cards with feint horizontal lines by cutting 127X203 mm ruled cards to size. (I also purchased 1500 green 127 X 203cards obscenely cheap from a stationers) But I was stuck with a goodly batch of white blank cards which I mainly used to separate the episodes of green. Since I've gone gah gah over mind mapping I find these blank canvases ideal for creating idea maps. And with this new stationery category of gel pens, I now own a few colours to help me map my terrain . While I have complained often that FreeMind (the free mind mapping software I use) is too broad for the printed A4 page, these 3" x 5" cards require cartographic miniatures. Nonetheless, the interface formatted by my Macawber -- between the lined notes and the maps means I can merge the two visually and cognitively.So rather than simply listing an eclectic mix of to-dos, I can now foster a dynamic of how the list will actually get done.

..and maybe even do it!

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