Douglas Johnston's Day Runner Kit

Note: If you've come to this page looking for my free templates to print off, see the D*I*Y Planner Kits section.

This is my main kit, the beast in all its glory. It consists of the following:

  • Classic (5.5"x8.5") Day Runner semi-distressed leather planner with:
    • Outer pocket
    • Leather(ette?) accordion pocket inside front cover
    • Several slots for business cards, credit cards, and a window for an ID card
    • Three rings (not the "Pro" edition with six, which makes punching a painful and/or expensive chore)
    • Envelope/notepad pocket inside back cover
    • Two loops for pens, etc.
  • About 100-150 of my templates, with 12 dividers for Inbox, Actions (Next Actions, Waiting For, Agenda, Covey Quadrant, Crossroads forms), projects sections, Incubate (Someday/Maybe forms), reference sections, and Journal
  • Cheap ruled note paper
  • Day Runner tabbed address book forms
  • Day Runner Pro tabbed 2005 monthly calendar
  • "Today" snap-in ruler
  • Three clear business card page inserts
  • A clear "zip-it" plastic pouch insert with colour stickers, tab labels, paper clips, spare change and stamps
  • A Pilot G2 0.5mm gel pen - smooth-writing and inexpensive
  • A Staedtler 9705 0.5mm mechanical pencil - great feel, sturdy, light and also inexpensive
  • A green card stock pocket in the back for storing loose forms, letters, etc.
  • A Kit ID with my name and contact information
  • A series of Hipster PDA cards, inserted into the credit card slots inside the front cover (mainly GTD/Covey References, Checklist, Shopping, Project, Job Tracker, and some blanks)
  • Also inside the front cover, a quarter-pad of medium-sized Post-It Notes
  • Optional: a snap-in Day Runner thin solar calculator/ruler (043-111)
  • Optional: a snap-in Day Runner three-hole punch (041-112)

I estimate the whole kit to come in at around two to three pounds. Not bad for something that helps me manage projects, flesh out ideas, stimulate creativity, and record my life and thoughts. I take this almost everywhere except during recreational activities (like hiking) or shopping runs, when I generally take my Hipster PDA kit. Everything still gets recorded here, however: this is the "master" planner.

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Colored dots?

What do you do with those colored dots?

color dots

Don't know what he does, but I use color stars all the time. Green for payday, red for Dr. appts. Gives a quick and accurate overview of your month. Just assign whatever color you want to whatever action and keep it consistent.

Categorisation by colour

I use the colour dots to set review priorities on tabs. Red is "hot", for review every few hours (like for Next Actions), green is for review every couple of days (mainly projects), yellow is for optional review (to read/review, someday/maybe, etc.), and blue is for reference materials, only to review when needed. It serves as a friendly reminder for forcing things into my consciousness.

However, there's no reason why you can't set colours for other categories, such as work, home, travel, etc..

all my best,