Making the Hipskine truly yours.

I was just sitting here, thinking how I could waste time before doing my Geometry project, and it hit me: I need to make my Hipskine I need some stickers, or something. Any ideas?

I was thinking something to do with books, but I can't find any Read or Die stickers...

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I like using band stickers, myself...

Make your own

How about making your own stickers? You can buy printable labels and cut them to shape if you don't want something square, or just print on normal paper and tape them on. Although I guess that last one wouldn't look as pretty.

Make a collage

Make a collage in some sort of paintshop program. Use your own pictures or pictures from friends or family. Include quotes that you like or find inspirational. Add symbols or images that represent things you like (band/team logos, etc.). Print it out on photo-quality paper and use as your first page. Or put it on the outside of your folder and cover it with contact paper.


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