Options other than a rubber band?

I've been using a rubber band to hold my stack of cards together, but the laminate I used on them is cutting through the band. In fact, I had to get a new one today, and I've only been using the rubber band for less than a week! I'd use a hair tie, but 1) I'm not a girl, so I don't have any, 2) I don't have a girlfriend (not for lack of trying on my part, trust me. They just aren't attracted to me ;_; ), 3) I don't want to sound really creepy by asking one of my female friends for one, and 4) It might be a bit strange to see a guy going out and buying a hair tie.

Any ideas?

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Tie options


OK, to suit your young masculine sensibilities, why not try a shoelace?

Other alternatives:
* A ribbon--you can buy short lengths at the craft store, and you can peruse the aisles to find something un-frilly. maybe a nice thin plaid, or a navy blue.. You can tie a slip-knot in it so you're not always tying rabbit-ears or square knots.

* A binder clip from the office supply.

* Another rubber band, maybe a wider, looser one this time.

* Check out the index card cases in the template section. You can make some spiffy ones from ordinary cardstock, or you can get fancy at the craft store in the scrapbooking section and get something themed with your favorite sport or something.

* Suck it up and buy some hairbands for your little sister. :) Disguise the purchase by buying some gift wrap at the same time if you really feel threatened. :)



Buy a small length of sewing elastic and sew it into a loop. Some of the folks here have posted pictures of pen loops made from elastic.

If you don't sew, you could overlap the ends and staple it. You can cover the staple with tape.

Pony tail holders are probably the easiest, though! And pretty cheap at most mega-stores (Target, Wal-Mart). You can always say they're for your little sister. :)


Ask your sister to help you

Ask your sister to help you get one?

Ask your sister to help you

Ask your sister to help you get one?

be brave young one

If you bought hair bands at a store, I doubt anyone would even think twice... they'd be holding onto the laughter and jokes for the poor guy buying tampons for his gal... hehe.
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hair band

I think you could get away with purchasing a pack of hair bands - I don't think anyone will think bad of you!!! What about the paper clips that people have used for their hipsters? You know, the black clips?

pony tail holders

Ok, here's a suggestion. Drive to the far side of town where no one knows you. Go into, say, a drug store. It will help to keep a sort of lost sheep look on your face, because when the first employee asks you if she can help you, your job is to say that your girlfriend sent you to buy hair ties but you don't know where to find them. This gets you out of your problems number 3 and 4. Problem number 1 is now moot.

Sorry I can't help you with problem number 2. Perhaps you could attract girlfriends by giving them free hair ties?



Well, these blond junior

Well, these blond junior high girls won't leave me alone on the bus. Apparently, they can't tell I'm too old for them. ><;

If only they were about 3 years older...

And I found out a way to get hair ties.

i bet...

...you could ask them for one of their hair ties - explain you need it for your planner... Once they find out you are a planner geek like the rest of us here, they just might stop bugging you! ;)
nay nay

geek is chic

There is a selection of women that are attracted to 'geeky' guys... be warned :D
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Really? ...Where can I find one my age? XD

If only I could find one of those my age...

Preferably blond.


best advice I can give is to get to know yourself first... find out everything you like and don't like and make sure you are in love with you first... then you'll be all set for a relationship. and chances are it will sneak up on you when you least expect it :D

kk enough advice... back to hpda talk.

you could go to a fabric shop and buy some elastic and then just quick stitch it to fit snug around your hpda when stretched a bit. :)
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two words:

Dollar Store: oh yeah. I'm making a trip this weekend for a bunch.


Maybe you could hide the hair elastics behind some condoms and ointment at the drug store counter ;)