One Week Later...

It's hard to believe that only seven days have gone by since we launched. In that time, we've gotten some great linkage (including bOING bOING and, we're averaging around 30,000-35,000 page views daily, and we have a steady stream of about 60-150 simultaneous visitors, depending upon the time of day. We've seen a few hundred registered users, some great articles and posts covering a wide range of subjects (from time management to nourishing creativity to... er, frozen vegetables), a rapidly-growing template directory, and even a few official template release packages. Whew.

The Boston GlobeWe also made print. A great little piece on us (and I say us, for it's more about the community and ideas that bolster this site) appeared in Joshua Glenn's column This Examined Life in the Boston Globe: To the Planner Born. The article sports a picture of John Norris' well worn Hipster PDA, and mentions --among other things-- a quote by Matthew Cornell and a D-I-Y project much beloved by us all, the Ductster.

Of course, this site would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the team. Sacha (Tuesdays), Jaymi (Thursdays) and Steve (Fridays) have produced some excellent articles, and many more are in store. However --to my chagrin-- one person always seems to escape the radar, and that's eric (small "e") Farris. Not only is he my right-hand man on this site, but it would not have been possible without him. He is also porting the D*I*Y Planner templates to letter-size and A4, a staggering task in itself. Tomorrow, you'll see the first fruits of this exhausting labour: our first letter/A4 release, the Calendar pack. (There's nothing like starting with the hardest first.) Please don't be afraid to show these folks some appreciation: all of this is volunteer work of the highest calibre, and they truly deserve the title "unsung heroes."

And finally, our deepest gratitude goes out to all the folks who have visited this site, bookmarked it, left comments and posts, spread the word, and supported us through the nail-biting and sleep-deprived launch. It feels like we've had a big house-warming party, all the neighbours have come by, and we can now sleep comfortably in the knowledge that we've arrived where we belong. Thank you, and please feel free to stop by for a cup of tea.

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Boston Globe

It was in the Sunday Boston Globe (9-11-05) that I found an article on DIYPlanner. A great site and a wonderful offering of templates. While I own a handheld I still write correspondence via paper and fountain pen. Thank you for this site.


Got info from Boston Globe!

Thanks for this site and believing in the 'un-techy' approach to keeping organized. My rationale for going with paper and pen is like you said. It's tangible. Also, if you are not into carrying 'gadgets' and having to turn on something just to communicate and feel connected.. paper (used wisely and not to abuse trees) is the way to go. Emotion and color can be seen in the writing, the lines, the swirls. Note writing to yourself or others is great! Also, as far as paper planners- no need for batteries.

Love it!