Printing double sided cards

I've been trying to figure out how to print double sided cards (for my Hipster PDA) with templates like PocketMod. But I can't seem to get it. Maybe it's because I'm really tired, but could somebody help me out here and explain it? I want to get two templates to a card, so I can save room in my Hipster.

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Just flip!

I flip the page (I use cardstock, 4-up) and then print on the other side. Works like a charm.

Yeah, I know. But I mean for

Yeah, I know. But I mean for templates that aren't on the same position on each side.

Maybe I'll just have to use the ones that aren't in the same position on only one side...

...My brain isn't working right right now. @_@;

Can your printer print onto 3 x 5 stock ?

or do you have to use larger stock and then cut it down ?

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I have to use larger stock

I have to use larger stock and then cut it down. All three of our printers at home suck.