moleskine memopockets

I read somewhere around here about storing cards in one of these moleskines with all pockets. And now I cannot find that post.
Does anyone know how many index cards can be kept in one of these? I think one of these in pocket size might be just the thing for me. Thanks.

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I Have One

The Moleskine Memo Pocket is pretty cool. When I used to carry around my cards instead of leaving them at the office, I could comfortably fit approximately 50 cards inside. The trick is to fit them between the accordion folds in each of the pockets.



I have no first hand experience but I can offer these links to other forum posts that might help out...

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Hope some of that helps :]
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Customized Moleskine memo pockets

This guy, Hawk, modded his memo pocket holder by reverse folding the accordion folds and trimming down the pockets. He also has done a lot of other awesome things with index cards.

Check it out!


It makes me want to dust mine off and try it again.


hawk's my hero currently...

hawk's my hero currently... i love what he's done with Pile of Indexcards.

Now, if i could only find quad ruled index cards that were cut exactly the same here in the states, i'd really be happy.

Pile of Index Cards

I just visited Hawk's Pile of Index Cards site, and all I can say is WOW! I've bookmarked it, and will return when I have a free hour. Very impressive stuff!


Oxford Padded Index Cards

I just put together a DIY Hipster PDA using 3x5 Padded Index Cards from Staples. These have the lines running crosswise if you hold the cards in portrait mode (ala notebook style). I hold them together with a single 1" binder ring in the upper left corner.

The cover I made from thin sheet aluminum, cut using a paper trimmer. You can get whole rolls of this in the big box hardware stores, in the roofing section under aluminum flashing, for under $10. Enough sheet aluminum to make covers for all your friends' PDA's, too. I use 3/4" strapping tape on the edges of the aluminum to prevent the razor blade phenomenon, and the corners are chamfered. The aluminum covers are cut ~ 1/4" larger than the paper (i.e. 3.25"x5.25"). I use a paper trimmer to cut the holes in the cards when loading up the PDA; the aluminum covers are thin enough so the paper trimmer works on them, too.

I use Avery 8.5"x11" label sheets and print a title, using my B/W laser printer, then afix the label to the front cover. Then 2" wide clear packing tape over that acts as a poor man's clear lamination.

Regarding the great site at Pile of Indexcards, I noticed that these Oxford Padded Index Cards are aligned, just like Hawk's quadruled cards, along the long side of the cards. Meaning that, even though I write on these cards in portrait mode, I could store them in a box in landscape mode, and organize them just like Hawk's POI system, and still be able to find replacement cards at Staples, here in the US.

Moleskine hack

I don't know about Memo Pockets, but I use a modified Moleskine. I used the Instructable found here:

It works really well for me. I keep a maximum of 20 cards in it at a time.

It does tend to bulge a bit, but I think that's just because of the rubber band...

Anyone know if that will shorten the lifespan of the Moleskine?