A4 Week to View (Vertically) with Notes

The whole week runs down the page, with notes / to-do / action list space.

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I keep this in a regular A4 binder; the current week follows me around when not at my desk, the past is filed.

I am working on making this template in OpenOffice ala D.I.Y planner, and resizing for the pocket Moleksine.

I originally created this after seeing the diary on the BBC, Speed Up Slow Down programme.

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Anything that prints Gifs
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LOVE this format. I would like to adapt it to meet my needs: I am a teacher and I would like to change the times to classperiods. Any thoughts on how I might most easily do that? Thank youVERY much!


Please excuse my typing errors!

Use question...

Is this meant to be used in landscape (as pictured) or portrait orientation ?

Looks nice.
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