Active Voice hPDA Template Set

An ever-expanding set of templates designed to take maximum advantage of the limited real estate of the 3x5 card. The design favors writing space over boundaries. The borders and text are gray to allow your writing to dominate the page. Templates are grouped by:

  • Organization & lists
  • Travel & navigation
  • Research & note-taking
  • Crafters & hobbyists
Usage advice: 

Click on ".pdf" and ".png" links to download templates from the web page. Can be inserted into Word documents, etc.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Any graphics package that can open .pdf and .png files
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FANTASTIC!!! I'm a post grad

FANTASTIC!!! I'm a post grad research student and these are JUST what I need when in archives and libraries. Thank you so much.

Archives & Libraries

Thanks! Glad they're useful for you. In my previous life I was an archivist and before that a history major. The research and note taking cards are based on a system I created to control all my thesis notes.

Good luch with your research!

These look great, but...

These look great but I had a hard time printing them. because they are .png files and not .pdf files like many of the other hPDA templates I had to come up with a new strategy for printing and never could work it out. They were either scaled too big for 3x5 or ran over the edge.

Templates now in PDF


The templates are now available as scalable vector PDFs as well as PNGs. Take a look and let me know if you have any problems with them.

Sorry it took so long to get these! Life has a nasty habit of catching up...


Great map cards... but I can't use them!

The cards look great and the one where you can drag and drop a map is just the thing for me... if somebody tells me how to use them. I tried Mapquest (couldn't even drag the map) and Google Earth (sent a e-mail for myself with the map, dragged it, dropped it and it was much larger then the page itself... no idea how to edit the mess). Which programm do you guys use to open this .png format? Thank you!


I swear by Irfanview . It is free, a very small file, very quick to load, and has lots of easy editing and saving features. I did a tutorial over at the Downsizer Forum . If you save the image as a .bmp and then go to image > resize/resample, and then to the bottom left, where it sais DPI, increase the figure by the amount of times you want to reduce the image. This sounds counter intuitive, but the way it works is there are a given set of pixels in the image. If the DPI (dots per inch)is, say 72, then the pixels are spread out to fit 72 into the inch. If you double the DPI, then double the pixels fit into the inch, but with a fixed number of pixels they are now only half the size. So measure the original image, and multiply the DPI figure in the box by the amount you want to decrease the image and retype it. You can also easily trim off any bits from the image you don't want (in the tutorial, I think). Make sure the 'preserve aspect ratio' box is checked, otherwise the image will be distorted. You could also reduce the image by resizing (good for sharing jpgs), but doing it the DPI way will give you a more detailed print. As a rough guide, for printing the DPI should be in the region of 300 +/- some. I then insert the image into my word processor, which shows the size in relation to the page as it would print. A good test, and you just print off the page.
I have not worked with .png, so not sure if it works straight off the .png. You could try, and bypass the save as .bmp step.

Map templates


It requires a little bit of fooling around to make this work. The easiest way is to open up the template in a Word document, set it up as a background image, and then drag and drop a map image (copied off the website by whatever means you prefer) on top of it. Scale and orient the map to fit within the borders of the template, save, print, and voila!

If you want to get really fancy in Word, you can create a text table over the Name-Address-Phone section and type in the information. I've used this technique to create an entire map library hPDA for the car.

Let me know if you'd like me to e-mail you a Word document all set up and ready to go...