I no longer have the navigation options on the left side of the site. It listed Analog, Creativity, Time Management, etc... Clicking on these would take you to all the information listed under that topic in the entire site, including templates and articles...

Anyone know what I'm talking about? Or am I hallucinating... c(O.o)o

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I am not a medical professional, nor am I qualified to say whether or not you are having hallucinations, but I don't have the stuff on the left, either!



Did you used to have them?
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Yep, they went away maybe

Yep, they went away maybe yesterday or the day before, but after the initial surprise of "something doesn't look right" my poor old brain just plumb forgot about it. Pretty sad, huh?


not sad... i do the "ohmygosh, this isnt right" sometimes when things HAVENT changed... now that is sad :D
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LOL - you all just make me giggle! I am missing the bar on the left too! I am glad someone figured it out, because I knew it looked different!

nay nay

they went away cos...


You are not going crazy. Our website host has been telling Doug that we're hogging too many resources. So in an attempt to rectify this, Doug's removed many modules to see where the culprit lies. Of course, it doesn't help that the host won't return his calls/emails on whether or not what we're doing is helping...

we may be moving the domain soon.... so hold tight, and you're not hallucinating. this is also the reason the site goes down sporadically.

Thanks for being patient,


I've been wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of Lima? He/she hasn't brought forth the "compact" daily sheets. In general, I do if Lima is o. k.!