Leather Book Covers


I stumbled on this site looking for something else entirely, but I thought I'd share.

Never mind all the references to Magick, take a look at the tooled leather (refillable) journals--scroll down the page:


I like celtic knotwork, personally. And the tree shown at the top of the page is really remarkable. I have no notion of the quality of the pieces, but the images appeal to me.


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Dragonfly Pond...

Hi Shris
I have been looking at the journals from EARTHWORKS on eBay. However after seeing the 'Dragonfly Pond' Journal I think you have scratched my itch. ;)

shris, I actually purchased


I actually purchased one of the 2007 Seasons of the Witch Magickal Day Planner's directly from the publisher. they're also featured on this page along with the leather binders. i can say that the books are amazing and contain lots of goodies. As one who follows an eclectic path, i can say that it's a big need for these style planners. They do fit well in the tooled leather binders that you mention here as the product tip.

One of my future article ideas is to focus around how one plans for spiritual events (focusing on my own beliefs, but i'm soliciting others for what they do).

Good find,


Hi innowen.

Glad to hear the items are good quality. I find the leather covers very attractive, though I don't have the budget to buy one at this point.

Obviously they aren't to everyone's taste and some of them might not be at home in a corporate setting, but I could easily see any of them gracing a personal journal or diary, a casual day planner, or a sketch book. The oak leaves speak to me a bit, as do the more elaborate celtic knots. When I was younger I would have been all over the dragon. :)