New favorite cheapie pen

The 'Bic Ultra round stick.' A box of 24 for $5 and very smooth.
( t writes like a gel roller, but I don't think it is one...)

CW guy

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Yeah, I like them, too.

But they're better for extended writing on 'normal' sized pages, I think, rather than a quick update of a calendar. The ink flows so freely they leave a really dark line, and so you can't write clearly in teeny letters AND it takes a few moments for the ink to dry to smudge proof state.

@ an office depot near you?

I got a 3 pack of Uniball 207 (gel) for half price today... only 3 dollars. Also a 2 pack of Foray gel retractable pens for 1 dollar. Might be worth a trip to the clearance area of your local Office Depot :o)

my artwork

Aw, man!


Those Uniballs are on clearance? Yeesh. I love those things, but I've got four fairly new ones to use up before I need any more. *sigh*

Oh well.


Stock up?

Does that sound like a good reason to get more now?

You'd think..

I thought that when I bought a 20-pack of Flexgrip Elite click-top ballpoints..of which I still have about 18. :)