Bookmark Index Cards

First I apologize if someone has already found this great index card!!

I went to Office Depot during lunch and found the Mead Bookmark Index Cards. It is a 3X5 index card that has a "slit" cut towards the top of the card, so you can use it as a book mark! The card fits over a piece of paper (or a place in your planner) so that the top part of the card sticks out at the top of the page. Not sure if that explanation makes sense.

I went to the Mead site, but could not find a picture.

But, while at the Mead site, I found an index card template to download for free. Click on TEMPLATES. It gives you five index cards per Letter size page. The picture of the index card is the background and you type in whatever you want and then print. And then you have your very own typed notecards... thought it was interesting...

nay nay

P.S. Now that I have the bookmark cards as an example, I will make my own once I run out!

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I snooze, I lose

I found them back during the holidays, but never got round to posting about them.
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Interesting :o)

I think I might try to make one of these for my current book I'm reading... Lots of characters and I loose track of the family tree.

If you get a chance, could you take a picture or maybe share a template? If not, no worries :o)

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add picture?

Hey all! I don't know how to add a picture... Can anyone HELP! :)


if you have a photobucket or flickr account, you can just post the link to the location.

if you have it stored on your computer only, i believe you have to start a new thread and use the 'attachment' feature. you may have to zip it if the extension is not allowed.

hope that helps :o)

(sorry for no caps, my cat has declared my lap his throne this evening - makes typing hard lol)

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no caps rule!


as you can see, i alternate between the use of proper capitalization and no caps. i come from the camp that LIKES not using caps. guess it's like my inner voice coming out thru the use of no caps or something.

And yes, unless what you're writing is converted to a "story" format (Drupal's fancy content name for what we post as Daily articles, you cannot post images.) If you still have issues with getting images up, feel free to email me or Doug and we can work with you on getting your images up.


pic of book mark

here is link to my flickr photo - not a great picture, but hopefully you will get the idea!

nay nay


That is SoOOOOoooOoo much cooler than the silly thing I tried to implement. Thank you Nay Nay~!
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Look here...

Shris found them way back at the beginning of November :)

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


ygor - thanks for finding the post from shris - I knew I had seen it somewhere!

shris' explanation is much more clear than mine, but I will try to take a picture of it tonight!

from shris' post: "I saw some index cards at the store today that were billed as 'bookmark' index cards. They had a slot cut in the shape of a smile near the top of the card. This would allow the slot to 'straddle' a page. The card would stick up above the top of the page as well. You could make all sorts of things work "


You are all my heroes today~! Thank you so much for the info.

(I hope to get the links completely updated before the end of the weekend... its fun reading every thread... lots of information on this site!)
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Ygor, how do you remember this stuff? I had forgotten I ever posted about them. :)

Here's a thought for the bookmark folks..

Cut a bookmark out of plastic that's wider than an index card (say by a half inch) and longer by maybe two inches. Then cut diagonal slots in the plastic in the four corners so you can tuck a standard index card into the slots. On the back side, you could cut slots slightly staggered so you'd have two card holders instead of one.. Don't forget your smiley slot near the top.

Voila, a durable bookmark whose contents can change--without buying special cards just to be bookmarks.

Me, I use ordinary index cards (no special slots or elastic) because my books generally stay on my desk or dresser.


Google is your friend :)

I did not remember it.
Google picked it up when I was trying to find a reference for them.

I do not claim to have the greatest brain, but I do pride myself in knowing the proper tools for the job and how to use them. I do not try to memorize everything -- but I do try to remember where to find the answers.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Do you have ANY IDEA AT ALL if Staples carries these? This would be the best addition to my stack of index cards since...well, since I started using a stack of index cards!

As a HUGE reader, this would /really/ help me out. I'll always have a bookmark!

One better.

Hi X.

I'll go you one better. Go to target and get one of the small swiss army knives--they teeny weeny ones that are about two inches long. They're less than ten bucks. They've got a blade, a tiny scissors, a file, a toothpick, and a pair of tweezers, and a split ring to attach it to a keychain or hipster.

If you keep that in your pocket, then EVERY index card you have, used or not, is a bookmark.

Just cut a 'smile' into your card. Start a half inch in from the top and the side, cut an arc toward the center of the card, then arc it back up to within a half inch of the other side and the top. Your smile only needs to go down a half inch or so from where you started.

Who needs to buy die-cut cards when you can cut your own on the fly?

If you don't like the idea of a smile, you can cut a V instead, that will work too. Just don't get too close to the edges or you'll weaken the card too much.

You could, if you were feeling fancy, cut yourself a giant paper paperclip shape. You could do that with the scissors instead of the blade. :)