Esselte/Oxford 3 by 5 Index Card Folders

I recently stumbled across the D*I*Y Planner website and the Hipster PDA. Of course now I am kicking myself because I used to have an Esselte/Oxford 3 by 5 Index Card Plastic Folders, but haven't seen it recently.

Has any one seen these recently? They were effectively a small translucent plastic folder with inside pockets on side.

I will be hunting feverishly for mine and will post a link to a photo if I find it.

Anyone else seen these?

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I had one

Yes, I know what you're talking about! I had one, too. It's really nice. Since I've been working on my 3x5 setup again lately, I've tried looking online for those little portfolios, but no dice. Please share, if you find some!


I saw some at the Office

I saw some at the Office Depot outlet along Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC, when I visited last November. Maybe other Office Depot outlets have it, too.

Can you believe I went to Office Depot while on holiday halfway around the world from Malaysia??? It was across from the motel I was staying in. I was so excited to see it!

Office Depot!

Just in case anyone's still looking, I stumbled on the Oxford "At Hand" Note Card Case, today, at Office Depot. Seems perfect for 3x5 users. A little big for a pocket, perhaps, but pretty close. I believe they were in the same area as index cards -- multi-colored, with "photo corner" type holders to hold a card on the outside, and a pen holder, too! $2.49! I should've bought more than 1, but I wanted to make sure it was going to work, for me...

Your local Target might have some.

I saw some index card plastic folders at a local Target in Alabama, if it makes it there, it is most probably anywhere.

I also saw some at a Target in Reston, Virginia, it is just west of DC.

Go to and they have

Oxford At-Hand Note Card Case Holds & Includes 25
3 x 5 Ruled Cards
Item # ESS63519

Pendaflex Index Card Binder, D-Ring, 2 Dvdrs, w/ 50 Ruled Cards, 3"x5", BE
Item # ESS73568 has the item you described it seems to be the same item as the one above, but with a different brand name, ecost has the manufacturer part.

Esselte Poly Index Card Binder - Oxford Blue - 73568
Card binder offers a double D-ring design that holds 3" x 5" cards. Binder includes two repositionable tabbed dividers and 50 ruled white index cards. Binder is made of a poly material. Part #48855850
Mfg. Part #73568 has it for $4.22

I haven't shopped at any of those online stores.

Since you have the manufacturer's part number, check with your local stationery stores. They might have them at a discount.

Don't forget to check the sales rack of discount stores (Big Lot), dollar stores and big box office stores.

Pendaflex, Oxford, and others are owned by Esselte

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