I'm concerned that I might go overboard on the whole journaling/planner/organize-myself schpeal.

I have kept a journal for years... I tend to write mostly about daily stuff that bothers me but lately have tried to note what is done each day and how I am feeling. (It is a nice thing to be able to go back and see how my depression fluctuates and what might be the triggers).

I have used a planner for years but... now with my hPDA I feel like I am more "ON THE PATH" of organization. I use it daily and feel naked without it close at hand.

I have a 3-subject composition notebook in red that I picked up on clearance for 60 cents last year. I recently found it and started dragging it around with me in my messenger bag. I drew out my "mock-moleskine" blueprints before starting. I like the idea of keeping creative tidbits in there... along with the website's url (because I can never relocate what I find later on.)

I made the "mock-moleskine" this weekend. LINK It's the reporter style 3.5 by 5.5 with a custom elastic/pen holder closure. I'm wondering if I would going overboard trying to incorporate another means of recording things into my routine...

When should I draw the line?

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Quick ! Throw her a LifeSaver...

...or a JawBreaker or a Hershey Bar or something :)

Seriously, the fact that you are concerned about it says that you have not yet fallen overboard. There was a Charlie Brown quote to that effect somewhere, but I could not recall/find it.

Personally, I'd say that as long as it does not dominate your every waking moment, relax and enjoy the ride. Getting organized is a good thing. I, myself, am on the downside of such a frenzy. I bought lots of different things to try and tinker with. I have (I think) settltd on what I like and I will be weeding out the leftovers in the Bazaar (Bizarre ?).

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Hang on sloopy, sloopy hang on...

Trust me when I say anywhere that does not sell at least Quink and Waterman's ink is a very bad part of town... :D

Joking aside, I agree with Ygor. I just want to add your 'Mockskine' is truly amazing... Oh, and I am thinking of having a birthday or some such thing quite soon. :D

better part of town

The Office Depot is roughtly thirty minutes away and they have fountain pens and ink. I just need to figure out when I'm going to go shopping for my goodies... ((still giddy))

I might be starting a side business of some crafty things ... like homemade journals and crochet scarves and such. I'll keep everyone posted. :o) Of course you could always support my artistic endeavors by purchasing original artwork too ::shamelessgiggle:: ♥

my artwork

Re: Overboard

I must admit, drawing the line is not an easy task when you are obsessed with planners, journals, paper, and pens! Currently I have in progress Circa Jr, PDA, FC classic, Moleskine watercolor, Moleskine for journaling, and Moleskine for sketching! I attempted to condense somewhat by combining my Circa Jr planner with FC, but it became too bulky...so I have accepted, for the time being, to keep this system; unless someone has some light bulb ideas for me!:) Waiting for an order from Myndology, we'll see how these will fit into the scheme of things!:)
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Easy and difficult to answer

Hi Sara,

First, I have to agree that if you're asking the question "When should I draw the line?" you aren't going overboard. But you're obviously aware that you could go overboard.

You'll know you're staring to go overboard when the tools mean way more than what you're doing with them.

I'd suspect that a person had gone overboard if
- they believed they couldn't write down a note because they have their second favourite pen with them and not their favourite, and the second favourite can't be used to write at that moment on any paper because it was the Wrong Pen
- they couldn't finish a single conversation with a friend without making notes in a book (detailing the conversation they were having and how they were writing notes about it)

Someone doing something like that may need to ease off on the note taking for a while.

We all have days when we go a little overboard on something. But I doubt from your comments that you've gone overboard.

The main thing I've found that works for me to keep thing in perspective, is to spent a few minutes every few weeks thinking about why I am planning and journalling and what it is that I want to get out of it.
I've found that once I've refocussed on Why I'm doing something, the How's are easier to sort out.

a light thought?

Allow me a moment of levity. One reason I love hanging around you guys is that I'm reminded that I'm not so obsessive about all this as I could be! My wife sometimes wonders about me, but here, I'm one the "casual" end of things. ;-)