A4 Templates

Help!! I've been using an A4 filofax for most of this year and have been getting on with it really well.

Is there any likelihood that you'll be doing any A4 templates in the near future? If not, how can I go about modifying the existing templates for A4?

Hope you can help!

Luke Waller

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A4 Templates

A4 designs will be based on the similarly sized letter-size designs, currently in process. Hopefully, we'll be able to release A4 versions of packages soon after their 8.5"x11" counterparts. Stay tuned....

all my best,

I've been using an A4 binder

I've been using an A4 binder with my own template as a diary for some time - it's no where near the quality of the templates here but hopefully it may give someone an idea.

My diary works with all 7 days runing vertically down the page at 90 degrees. Those of you that follow the GTD idea of what a diary is - for concrete appointments only - will find this easy to use. The rest of the space is for notes/to-do lists; again the GTD crowd will be able to keep action lists here I think.

I am currently working making an edition that will fit into a pocket Moleskine as I want the portable PDA style diary/planner rather than the large binder whch tends to be stuck to the desk.

The files will be found shortly via:


you should submit these to

you should submit these to the template directory! :-)