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A Cornell Notetaking system template.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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This is a template I created for using the Cornell Notetaking method, which is explained here.

In general, the shaded area on the left of the page can be used to write questions alongside their corresponding answers. I also use the left area for headings, marginalia and metadata.

In concept, you write "questions" in the left area, and their answers in the right area (as you're taking notes), so like this:

+-----------+ +-------------------------------+
| What are | | - Mercury |
| the names | | - Venus |
| of the | | - Earth |
| planets | | - Mars |
| and their | | - Jupiter |
| order? | | - Saturn |
| | | - Uranus |
| | | - Neptune |
| | | - Pluto |
| | | |

etc. Then, when you're reviewing your notes, you cover up the right area with something and review the questions in the left area, uncovering the right area as needed to check your responses.

At least, that's how the Cornell Notetaking system itself works. I tend to use the left column for things like:

- Questions to myself about things I've written
- Tags and headings to help me find stuff in the page

and other metadata-like things. For example, in a character sketch for my mystery novel, I wrote a long profile of a character named Nancy, and in the midst of the profile I mentioned that she lives next door to her adult son Raymond. Out of nowhere the thought occurred to me that Raymond might end up playing a more significant role in the story than I thought, so I noted that possibility in the left area for future consideration.

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Could you possibly make this 3x5? I know it seems kind of small, but i think i could work with it... much thanks!


Scale it down in the print dialog

I don't know how this works the same in OSX or *nix, but I use WinXP and use 4x6 index cards, and I scale "Classic" sized pages down to 78% when I print them. It takes a few experiments to get the percentage just right, but with patience, it works. YMMV on your printer.

Just set Paper Size

In Acrobat Reader, all you have to do is set the paper size and Acrobat will scale as necessary.

Cornell notes via Levenger

I love this set up for notetaking. I use the Levenger Junior size paper and it comes set up like the Cornell notes. I actually use it as my task list. On the left, I write the clients name and then in the notes I write what I need to do for that person. Same for my personal to - do list. On the left it says "vet" and on the right it says "make appt for Molly's ear infection"... Then when the task is complete, I highlight whatever is in the left column, like "vet."

So, this has become a great template for me which I used until I purchased levenger. When I run out of Lev. paper, I will be back to this great template!

nay nay