Another Hello & Thanks!

I wanted to say thanks for everything (and everyone) this site has offered. I started visiting it about 2-3 years ago as my current life really started to develop. I left a bench science (child-immuno-tox) world to become a full-time at-home-dad (been at this now 5.5 years).

I found my phone and tablet to be to distracting and slowly migrated back to more "analog" life tools. I love my iPhone and it's tools. But I like my planner and paper organizer better. (Though offer me an old Palm and I might cave in 3 heart beats!)

I have a template I made from parts available here for my weekly life, though I have recently decided to change the second page a bit - just not sure to what - as it has become redundant and I have stopped using about half of it. I'll get it uploaded shortly.

Thanks again for all the great info here,

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