Paper Boutique with Linda - Modified Bullet Journal Using the Arc System - Part One

Initial scan looks interesting

I plan to go thru it in detail as time permits

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Arc, Tul, Levenger, Rolla

Ironically, I started an attempt at bullet journaling just last month, but I've got a hodgepodge of pages. Oh, while I was in the States this summer, I snagged myself a leather A5 (1/2 Letter) Tul cover. It's very nice, and I'm happy with it. I think I prefer it to the Moleskine-type of bullet journal, TBH.

I do, however, also have an A6 grid-paper notebook that I carry in my back pocket. I wrapped it in a Ductster wallet. I plan on taking photos and posting them here shortly. That's because I also retired my Ducster wallet I made and documented here. I also plan on putting pics of that thing up. I'm surprised it lasted this long--just about 10 years!

But I'm liking bullet journaling with disc binding. I don't use it for much, but it's there. I'm simple....

I found an additional tip that helps

And other links about disc-bound bullet journals.

More to come !
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I hate videos

Is there a site about bullet journals which uses something other than a video?! (need a interobang key)

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