Blue HIghway font

Thanks to Jonglass I took another look at the dynamic templates. I want a weekly on one page layout.

This is what I found: Dynamic Templates v2.05: The Next Generation;

However, according to the basic instructions you need to have the font "Blue Highway" installed as it is hard coded into the application. Unfortunately I don’t have that on my Mac. The creator seems to offer it as a free download but I’m hesitant unless someone can recommend it as being free from malware.

Blue Highway font

Can anyone tell me whether this is the correct font and whether the site I linked above is safe to download from?

The stupid follow up question: if I do download this will it automatically integrate where I need it to or will I then need to import or export it to something else?



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... is one of the biggest and better sites to download free fonts. Feel free.

edit: Oooo! I checked the font, and it's a new and improved one! I think it should work, though. The old font, as the site says, was a bit of a mess, and had problems printing on the Mac, so it's worth downloading this new font.

Once I download Bluehighway

Once I download Bluehighway and the template kit how do I import the font into the kit?


On the Mac...

double-click the downloaded font file, and it should open up FontBook where you can install it from there. Once it's installed, it is available for all apps, and nowadays, with the newest Mac OSs, you don't even need to quit the app.

Blue Highway

Just wanted to mention that the updated Blue Highway font is also available here:

bug fix?

Thanks for the head's up!

I wonder if it will fix the bug where I got exclamation!Points!between!words when printing via Mac Preview or in Linux? (although that second may have been fixed long ago by Linux)