Quarter-Letter Wine Log

A simple Wine Log to keep track of the wines you've purchased and whether you'd buy them again. Quarter-letter size for portability.

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Print a few out and bind them together into a little booklet. There's space for binding at the top of the page to make a flipbook (if using rolla/circa) or just staple a few sheets together.

DH and I are lightweights when it comes to wine. I have relatives who are very serious about wine, and they've been teaching DH a little about appreciating wine. But we needed a way to record at the very least what we liked and didn't like so we knew what to buy/not buy again.

So this form is simple, just to record what it was, where it came from, whether you'd buy it again, and a few notes. So you could write down the color, major flavor components, sweet/dry characteristics, what food to serve it with, etc. in the notes.

Just a quick and dirty form--made and bound in a few minutes. The source file (ODG) and the PDF are included--it's a one-up form, but I'm sure you could modify it to be a four-up with little difficulty.

Public Domain
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PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview), OpenOffice.org (to edit the templates)
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