Arc compatability with Rollabind

Merry Christmas fellow DIYplanners!
I'm hoping for a Snowy one, as I've travelled halfway across the globe to visit the in-laws.
So, of course I have taken the opportunity to nip into Staples UK and gotten Santa to bring me a load of Arc M goodies.
My question for disc planner users, is, are the Arc products compatible with Rollabind ? It looks as if the disc spacing may be a little larger, but I can't tell?
(Amazon don't suffer from shipping xenophobia like Staples do, so I am hoping when I get back to Aus I can order Rollabind bits & pieces.)

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I have Arc, Rollabind, and Circa components and they all seem to work just fine together. Sometimes the fit isn't perfect, but it's not so annoying to me that I can't tolerate it. I have a Circa punch and the smurfs work just fine with all the various discs. I only have Circa and Arc covers, however, and as I understand it, Rollabind doesn't have the same number of smurfs per letter page.

Second that - all are 99-44/100% compatible

I have honestly never encountered any compatibility issue between Circa, Rollabind, and Arc. I do not mix discs on an individual notebook because the disc diameters are not standard across all the manufacturers. That is all I can think of.
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disc size

Have any of you ever wished they would make a disc size between 3/4 and 1"?
There is such a large difference in how big the disc is for 1 inch.
How about a 7/8" disk? Something in between our two choices. It would give
just enough extra room, for me at least. I really do not care for those 1"
rings as they stick out.


A couple in-between sizes would indeed be helpful.

An old size comparison chart

Thought this might help. Pre-dates ARC, but ...

Needs updating. Circa comes in .25, .5, .75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 inches !

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

feel free


I don't have any of those other sizes, and I haven't bought any ARC either, so I can't measure them with my fancy tools. Y'all go on ahead, if you want a copy of my original file, let me know.


Does anyone know if Rollabind is still alive?

Their website still lists discs but I'm a little afraid to order.

Yep, they are alive, and yep, you should be afraid

I placed an order last year (2013). Would not have, except they were the only ones offering the covers I wanted. Service was as bad as you may have heard in the past. Took a long time to send (3 months!), did not send what I ordered (they did an unauthorized substitution in colors I hate, without contacting me first), but did try to appease me with a free junior rolla notebook on top of my non exact order.

Glad I got at least *some* of the covers I wanted, would still avoid doing business with them if at all possible.
Yep, they are still cheaper than Levenger, if that makes the *really bad service* worth it.

Since all you want is disks, I would try my luck on Ebay and Amazon if I were you.