Dated Daily Calendar GTD Style with Cornell Notes page

Daily Calendar with the following sections:

  • Appointments
  • Actions
  • Due to me Today (AKA Waiting For)
  • Collection

    Also has a facing page that is Cornell-Notes style

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    Print it
    Use It

    Creative Commons
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    PDF Reader, Winzip(or such)
    Jan-June.zip637.42 KB
    July-Dec.zip627.53 KB
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    Dececmber.pdf dates incorrect

    I found the Dec 2 through Dec 12 have incorrect dates on the header. It is a great calendar otherwise.


    I like this a lot - thanks and the Wrangler is AWESOME, Sara! - but what is the collection area of the page for???? Post its??? I am new at this, but still I just don't know what to put in "collection"? Draw pictures -ha ha?

    daily calendar


    I have been making my own daily call list/to do books for a long time. The call lists were on the left and on the right I used just the day and date with a 3 month mini calendar on the top, centered. My books are 10x7. Used to use Daytimer but now it's so out of date (only out on disc for mac then they stopped making it for mac, not it's totally defunct). Ă…nyway anyone knows how to put just the date, like on the planner page above, on the the notes page but with no lines on the notes page? I would be forever greatful!! I can share my call list but not sure how to post it here.



    Go to the top of this page and look at the right-hand column. Your name/handle appears just below the ad. Under that it says Create Content. Click on that and then follow the prompts. I think you'd click on template. Then cut and paste a link to your item. We can help you if you still need directions.

    I really enjoy seeing links to various templates and especially the photos of everyone's stuff.

    Do you have the source files for this template?

    I love this template! I printed out this month's and am already using it. Thank you very much! I would however like to change some of the headings - do you have the source files for the PDFs?

    Thanks for your response!


    I love a sharp pencil

    Hey-- love the format & used

    Hey-- love the format & used it in 2007.. Is there going to be a 2008 update?