Has anyone heard of the Bullet Journal?


Talk about an all in one. Your calendar, tasks, and note-taking/journaling!

Website is here: http://www.bulletjournal.com/

The best part? It's 100% DIY!!!


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Pretty cool, I just don't

Pretty cool, I just don't have the self-discipline to use a system like this. At least I don't think I do. I'm trying to go full digital with my Nexus 7 with very little success. I think I may have to go analog/digital, analog for tasks, tracking and calendar then digital for for my long term notes.

Just read on another website that Leuchtturm squared journals have numbered pages as opposed to Moleskine used in the video.

I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
--Groucho Marx

I think it's more of a habit than discipline...

I've watched the video and read the website a gagillion times.
I've decided on making a few tweaks before I even started, but I think it's about finding what you know works for you. For example, I can't do the calendar the way he lists it. I HAVE to have a calendar spread, starting on Sunday.
That's the beauty of it--he isn't selling a PRODUCT. He's presenting an idea=)

Giving it a try

Well, I ordered a squared Moleskine notebook and started my Bullet Journal on Thursday. A couple of modifications I did. I pretty much had my own set of signifiers based on Franklin-Covey. So I'm using my own modified set of signifiers.

There is a problem with future months, e.g. if the current month is September, there is no way to schedule an October or later appointment. So instead of starting with the first month, I created the first two pages as a yearly calendar. I split a page down the middle and put three months in a column, six months on one page, one year on two pages. (I actually only did September through December and will probably use a new notebook for 2014.) I can also pre-populate the vacation and holidays.

Another modification I made was to draw a line horizontally between Saturday and Sunday to mark the weeks on the monthly calendar. I like to start the week on Sunday and this also allows me to see the month broken down into weeks.

First early observations, the Bullet Journal seems to fit the way I work. I have few scheduled appointments and more tasks based on my users needs. So I can free flow enter tasks and write notes as I go. I can then migrate long term notes to either Evernote or Google Keep, still trying to decide which one I like better.

With two page per day formats, the daily calendar is minimally used, while the notes section is always full. Weekly calendars were worse. I also didn't like having sections/tabs for calendar, to-do's, goals, notes, etc. The index format and variable days make it much easier for me.

Well, we'll see how long this lasts. Wish me luck!

I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
--Groucho Marx

I think somebody read D.I.Y planner!

I really like that it is a Creative Commons endeavor.

Isn't it awesome it's NOT for sale?

I agree.
Isn't it awesome?

Cool but not original

Pardon me, I could be mistaken, but isn't this just another variation of AutoFocus/SuperFocus, from MarkFoster? If I am not mistaken, it kind of reminds me of AutoFocus 5, revised version.

Just credit where credit is due: http://markforster.squarespace.com/autofocus-system/

I kind of gave up on AutoFocus, because of all the continual tinkering required, preferring instead to go back to my old Circa system, which doesn't require rewriting, just rearranging of pages as needed.

I thought AutoFocus was just lists

I'm not an expert on AutoFocus, but isn't that just listing tasks?
The reason I got excited about this version is that it's a calendar, journal, task manager all rolled into one with a way to locate information.
And that's the great thing about this site: you can pick what you want to use!
Glad you're one of the lucky ones and has found the platform that works for you=)


Basically, it depends which version

I too like what was posted, I was just pointing out it doesn't seem entirely original to me.

AutoFocus is more like brain dumping about things to do, then deciding on the go how to organize it, or not (not the best description, it is not an unified system).

Unlike well established systems like GTD and Covey, AutoFocus is a constantly evolving system. Mark Foster has created multiple versions, including one that rather resembles the post above, including the calendar and index parts (that's the most evolved AutoFocus I have seen yet, but he abandoned it after a while, the maintenance aspect was just too much work), though it is not identical (in that version of AU the index is on the back). It has also gone through a few name changes, depending on the version (AutoFocus, SuperFocus, the Final Version, etc), plus members of his forum frequently contribute their own versions (I think one of the members posted a calendar feature which is even more similar to the above).
These days his site is talking about The Ultimate Time Management System, which is currently going through revisions too, though I don't keep up much with it anymore, too many changes, too little time.

As far as having found what works for me, that would be simply to try to stop fiddling with systems and start doing some real work! I know, sometimes that is hard to do, especially if one spends too much time in these kinds of sites. A year from know I will probably revisit yet another system (my current circa system is a revisitation, after having put it aside for a while):-P

Had no idea...

That AutoFocus has gone through several morphs. Very interesting! Can you find the spot on Mark Forester's website about the version similar to Bullet Journal? I'd love to read it.
I'm just to a point where starting a new system, for me, is too labor intensive. I just have so much to do, I want a system that is flexible and portable and keeps me in line with my life. I want my searching for Nirvana to end...


I've used a variant of this

I've used a variant of this method for a long time for my work journals. i've not applied the calendar or indexing to my work journaling though. Going to study this one and see if i can integrate some of the concepts into my routine....


You're welcome!

Glad you're inspired!
I've been doing something similar myself, but it looks like a mess b/c I basically start a new page for whatever pops up.
Please come back in a month or two and share any tweaks you've made.

Been doing some of this for years!

I did something like this years ago and called it "planner widgets" or something equally not as cool as "bullet journal." Also didn't have a cool video or website to go with it.

Every week I start with a checklist of what I think needs to get done that week on the left side of the page and I have a bookmark for that. Right side of the page is what I need do get done that day with checkboxes next to the item.

Then as the day goes, I have a dot next to each note. When I switch meetings or project at work, I put a horizontal line all the way across the page and a one sentence description of the meeting followed by notes and todo items.

I try to put anything really important in OneNote at work for later searching and using Staples Arc I put pages from two weeks back in my Archives notebook.

Keeping digital versions of the notes at home is another story. I've got a Mac, iPad, and iPod Touch but just switched to an Android phone from a dumb phone.... Still trying to figure out best option for keeping everything in sync on all my devices.

I'd prefer something cross platform that syncs with DropBox but right now it looks like EverNote is the only option that works everywhere I want it to.


In my experience

Anything other than an iPhone is a dumb phone, no matter how much it wants to look like an iPhone, the buggy software is not worth it.

The worse is the constant monitoring of everything you do with built in background apps.

I had a Microsoft and an Android, both were unreliable disasters.

The iPhone is much better!

I don't work for Apple and was very exited to try an "open" platform when I switched from a Microsoft to an Android phone.

The platform is way too open to spam and bugs.