Predated Daily Calendar GTD Style with Cornell Notes page Jan-June

Predated Daily Calendar GTD Style with Cornell Notes page Jan-June

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Wow, I think I've just found my new notes page for work. Any way for you to allow the user to input the date? I also noticed that at least in the February PDF, the schedule skips 5pm.

Amazing overall work, I look forward to seeing more of your pieces.

THese are great! Will there

THese are great! Will there be .pdfs for the rest of the year?

Awesome template

This is a awesome template. Would you do a classic version by any chance? Thanks!

Open Office Files???

I'm looking for a new start in 2013 and found your post and templates. They are almost perfect for me!! Will you be updating them for 2013 or could you please put out your original code files? I would so appreciate it!!!

Thanks and happy holidays to you!

Could be a long wait

Did you notice that the posting you replied to is five years old ?
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