Sara's Custom hPDA

My hPDA is pretty basic in design. There are two pockets inside the front cover and one larger one inside the back. I used 1" book/binder rings to hold it all together. The guts are various printed DIY templates and my own creations arranged in order of use. I used colored index cards as dividers and attached silver tabs for easy selection. The silver elastic was unearthed in the Christmas wrapping supplies at my parent's. I can retie it if the binder grows. It works very well for holding a pen also.
The cover is heavy card stock covered with decorative scrapbook paper (pattern "Sea"). I used several coats of ModgePodge to seal it and increase the durability. The pockets are pieces of the same scrapbook paper. I coated them with ModgePodge for the same reasons. I was able to do the cover and pockets out of one 12"x12" sheet. This entices me to create alternate covers to suit my moods.
I have a small binder clip on the back cover. I found I missed having a place to tuck my outgoing mail on the way to the post office. The clip works wonderfully and can hold other miscellaneous items during the week.
Additional pictures of my hPDA can be found: HERE

If you have any questions regarding my hPDA, feel free to contact me :) ♥

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Lovely cover!

You tempt me to upgrade my own minimal (utilitarian) system. I keep wondering if the stability of adding rings and a real cover would offset the loss of instant shuffling....

With your cover so much larger than the guts, have you considered tucking your pen inside the 'overhang' on the ring side? I think it would keep the pen from getting snagged/pulled off as easily.

try it out :)

I would recommend getting a piece of medium weight cardstock (or cannibalizing an old calendar or heavy magazine cover...) and trying it out.
The rings were in a 5 pack for a dollar at Walmart here. So you wouldn't be in the hole a lot of money if you decided it wasn't for you.
I find that I can grab the tab and swing everything else behind it quite quickly. The rings are large enough that the cover and everything just move out of my way... They also don't prevent it from lying open flat. ☺
As far as the pen goes... I hadn't thought of that. I will give it a try today. Thanks!
If you do make a new cover and need some advice on covering it with scrapbook or wrapping paper... let me know. I discovered a couple tricks to share :o) and dont forget to share some pictures! ♥

my artwork

Beautiful & functional

Thanks for the extra photo with inside detail. This is tempting me to make a hPDA!
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