Some new 3x5 loot at Staples

I went by Staples over lunch (purely for research purposes, of course) and lo and behold they have some new 3x5 stuff. One is the "Buxton Pocket Brief Note Holder" for 3x5 cards, which appears to be almost an exact replica of Levenger's 3x5 leather rope, although of course not near the quality. The Buxton one was $9.99 and came in black, brown and white (?). The style number is ST496R45, but my googling and searching of didn't find it.

The other item I found interesting was the Buxton Double 3x5 Card Holder, style number ST496R48. It also came in black, brown and white. It opens like a book and has 3x5 holders on both sides with full-length slide pockets underneath each one. It also is $9.99.

The quality on these is not up to the standards some of us have come to know and love from Levenger, but the price is right if you want to try out the concepts. That was my excuse, at any rate!

Now I really really do need those adorable 3x5 folders...

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That website makes self-control very difficult... I wish I had a larger budget for spending :D

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Those 3 x 5 folders are adorable, aren't they?

Did you actually purchase anything at Staples?
Or strictly research? ;-)

Yep, I really did

Yes, I really did buy the holder. I've been coveting it ever since I read about it in innowen's article.

The little folders are calling to me. Make them stop!!


How's this?

Folders, leave us alone!!
(they're calling me, too)

I've been wondering about the name "Leather Rope" for that little card holder thingy.

The voices are telling me...

... that I need those folders.

I meant to say above that I did buy the holder, but only for analysis and research purposes. Yeah.

I wondered about the name "Leather Rope" too. I figured maybe rope, as in lasso, as in keeping the cards all lassoed together. I dunno?



(To be read in a mock-Austrian accent).

Hearing the siren's call are we?

Sarah, I think your 3" x 5" Templates represent an inner-self while the Levenger folders are a subliminal desire for security. I think we can bring an abreaction, or purging if you will, of your papery angst by dating an older man with a nice jacket... :D

...Or if you prefer...

You are going through a papery adolescence... You have an overwhelmingly strong desire to check out all the sexy planners and yet feel the need for peer approval. Is this planner sexy enough? At this point I cannot help but think of Doug's 'Bomber Jacketed' hPDA. Dreamy!!!! :P Of course one would hope you will eventually settle down with a nice, respectable organisational system. However it takes hard work to maintain a satisfying relationship with one's organiser. Therefore it would be most unwise not to try a wide selection and may even cause later resentment if you choose too hastily. Just try to avoid conflating an infatuation of papery pr0n with a productive planner relationship. :)

Security blankets

I think you might be right on several counts, Sard, including the insight that the little folders would be like little security blankets for my mind, which is represented by my little index cards.

As for the last paragraph, I think I hear you telling me to do what the voices say. Also, thanks for reminding me of the Bomber Jacket pr0n...



new colors

I was just browsing Levenger's site and discovered they have the 3 x 5 folders in the new soft colors. But the price was raised $4.
These colors are probably more professional, and more guy-friendly.

((edited by innowen 1/15 @ 4pm PST to put Levenger link in HTML-friendly format))

Love the new colors

Thanks to our friends at Levenger, I got myself these new colored folders and I agree. I LOVE them. The colors match my personal tastes more and I love the translucence they've added so that I can see what I put into my folders.

I do think these are some of the best accessories for a hipsterPDA. The plastic holds their shape, no matter how abusive my bags are on my hipster.


New Levenger Circa loot

Ooooh, I was just in Boston's Levenger store -- a truly dangerous place. For those of us using the Circa line for planners, those new soft-color dividers also come in letter, junior, and compact size -- and yes, they are lovely. The tabs stick out just a smidge less than the older, primary-color dividers, which makes them perfect for sub-dividing existent planner sections.

I was using the zippered junior Circa folio, but its bulk sometimes dissuaded me from carrying it everywhere. So I've down-sized to the leather fold-over notebook, which is at least an inch shorter on each side and even more comfortable/accessible for quick jotting and reference.

You lucky dog!

My credit card is cringing in a corner of my purse at the mere thought of me actually going to a Levenger store!


Leather rope

"Leather Rope" refers to a leather version of the letter-sized accordian files with the string closures you loop around the exterior button/disc.

It makes sense with the letter and legal sizes, but I agree that the correlation doesn't really transfer down to 3"x5" so well. ;)

Homemade 3x5 folders

Made my own 3x5 folders tonight by cutting down some regular file folders. They are not beautiful (although, of course, I did use multi-colored folders), but it ought to give me an idea of how I like using them.

No photos right now because I should have been asleep long ago instead of cutting up bits of cardboard :(


That should give you an idea

That should give you an idea of how much you'd use them.

K&Company folders

The scrapbooking line K&Company has mini file folders in a range of designs. I found some yesterday in my local paper crafting store. I'm not sure how I would use them either, but if they are useful, I could see using these as a template for cutting out my own from other colors/patterns of 12x12 cardstock.

loot at staples

I was sooo curious I ran out on my lunch break to check it out. I bought the Buxton "rope" and the jotter in white. I am not thrilled about the basketweave trim and as with a lot of white accessories, the thread looks dirty, but they are growing on me and I can always get crafty and cover the basketweave. The white somewhat coordinates with the white croc journals I bought on the cheap at Office Max. They are refillable so I put a spiral bound calendar in one and use the other for note-taking. For my job, I do need something that looks a little more professional. I also got a white envelope cd holder at Target that is going to get turned into a holder for my mp3 player and accessories.

loot at staples

Looking for things that I can incorporate into my system is most of the fun I think! :)


Hi Star! Cool, glad you found the aforementioned loot. I agree, I think the basket weave is kinda lame, but one can always upgrade if you find you use this format a lot!



I am weak... I just requested the Levenger catalog. Everything that is linked looks soooooooo pretty and necessary... Hopefully my strength will return before the catalog arrives. ;P

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Welcome to the dark side!

Welcome to the dark side, Sara!


Dark Side

I do have to admit the dark side is calling. The only thing that is saving me right now is the fact that they don't have any colors that tempt me right now and I can't get their index cards in just an ivory or cream color. :)
My buxton version of the rope is starting to grow on me a bit more and I do have some really cool fabrics I could use to cover the basketweave if I decide I can't live with it.

What I like about my leather rope

Levenger used to make their 3x5's in a nice parchment (tan). I still have some left over from the good ole days. I like the idea of the multicolors, but the blue and green are too dark IMO.

I like my "leather rope" too. I especially like that it sits up on my desk, and I can stick cards in it vertically so I can see them. I have had no problems with anything falling out, either. My only problem with it is that I'm having trouble figuring out how I would fit it into my workflow!

Use the Farce, Lewk :P

Duct tape is like the force It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the Universe together.

The Dark Side is Evil, but the Light Side is sticky

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

New 3x5 loot at Staples


Jealous in the UK here!!!

Is any of this fine 3x5 stuff gonna be available for us planner geeks in the UK???


3 x 5 gear

I have to echo thegooner90 here why can't we get this stuff in t he UK. It all sounds great but if you think
Levengers shipping costs to the USA are high you should see them to the UK. There is no one here that sells
them and i really crave a lenger'Rope'....

ah well back to the fife and drum.....

Wish I'd seen these mesages earlier

I wish that I'd seen the messages from thegooner90 and mesmer earlier. I'd have taken a better look at some of the 3x5 materials in my local Paperchase shop. You can check out where your own local own is at Though the shop seems to have a few products not shown on the web site.

I also wasn't paying enough attention the last time I was in a the nearest Staples. For 3x5 stuff. Nothing obvious on the UK Staples web site either.

(I've no commercial connection to Paperchase or Staples other than I look around thinking the limited stock in my local one thinking of what I could use for covers with my Rollabind stuff.)

Bendable chopping boards?

Living in Europe we have to DIY. I'm thinking of using bendable chopping boards cut to size, maybe like the "Drälla" from (Stuff from IKEA always have stupid names. This means something like shiver...) I don't know if it will work yet, as I'm stilling waiting for my punch from Jon.


Buxton 3X5 card wallet ( like Levenger Rope )


just for your info i contacted Staples UK they could not have been be more helpful. They contacted Staples in USA who in turn contacted Buxton leather.
In a matter of a few days i have in my hand one black leather 3 x 5 card briefcase and what a beauty it is.
I cannot stress how helpful everybody at staples weree and especially Brenda O'Connor . It just goes to show that anything is possible.


Buxton pocket briefcase

I just re-read this post and realised the buxton case mentioned above seems to be different than the one I found in staples. Again, for $9.99 I found what looks to be an almost identical copy of the levenger pocket briefcase in brown leather/faux leather. I've not had a chance to sample the levenger version, so I can't really do a comparison. The buxton case seems to do the job well, although it does seem to be a little difficult to slide a stack of cards into and out of the middle pocket, almost as if the case is ever so slightly too small. Still, for the price it was a good buy, especially to see if the pocket briefcase would work for you or not.

need to check my Staples again

They had almost nothing for 3x5's when I was there a few weeks ago in either the exec or school supplies sections. Target has carried a version of the pocket briefcase in its Franklin Covey 365 line for a while, though the slots to hold cards don't look like they'd hold a card for active notetaking as securely as the Levenger version (I've used the pen pocket style for 11 years now).

Target doesn't seem to be as supportive of the whole 3x5 thing anymore in general, however. All the cool storage solutions I've found there in the last year or two have vanished.

In my staples, it was in the

In my staples, it was in the planner aisle, on the opposite site to the planners themselves, next to a lot of other wallets and leather items. Office depot has the franklin covey version of the international pocket briefcase, next to the other planners, but I found it a little large to use as a general wallet (and I received a very tri-fold wallet as a gift, which I prefer for general use). The normal shirt pocket briefcase style seems to be a lot easier to use for notetaking.

Target seems to have some 3x5 notebooks and I seem to remember seeing a binder there recently, but I've not seen anything resembling the pocket briefcase at all. But then I also don't recall seeing any planner section in my local Target either, so I may have just not been looking hard enough.

Different Staples, different loot!

I went to another store in a nearby town, and they not only had all the Buxton 3x5 gear, but a store brand of the pocket briefcase in heavy duty nylon for $0.80 on clearance. They also had Rollabind notebooks, which my local store does not carry regularly.

The Buxton version of the pocket briefcase is very similar to the Levenger one, if a bit stiffer. I started using the Levenger system when I had to cover a lot of products at trade shows because it fits easily in the hand, is stiff enough to write on while standing, and has 2 slots for business cards. Much easier than struggling with getting a notebook out every time and then searching my pockets for biz cards and pens!