issues with printing on 3x5 cards on HP Laserjet 1200

I have an HP Laserjet 1200 laser printer and I am having issues getting it to print a 3x5 card correctly.. I also have a dell 3100CN color laser.. I have yet to attempt that one. Anyone had any success on either of these printers? I am wasting a TON-O-CARDS here..

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HP Laserjet

Check your margins and the catridges. is your printer connected well or installed properly? You might want to check some of those.

What kinds of "issues"?

I'm probably not going to be able to offer any help, but what kinds of issues are you having? There are a lot of possibilities...


not printing...

when I put the card in as a manual feed, it prints as if it were a full sheet of paper.. and only catching the corner of the 3x5 with any toner..

I am not much of a techie but...

Have you been setting the paper size under the printer propeties tab before you print?
It sounds like the printer is being suprised by the paper size, when that happens to me it is usually because I haven't changed the paper type under printer properties so the printer knows what is coming down the hatch.