Modified PlannerPad pages for GTD

This is an MS Word template that I whipped up to make the concept of the PlannerPad more functional for me. It includes space for Next Actions by Category (@ Personal, etc.), Next Actions by Day, and a Weekly Calendar.

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These pages have bigger lines and more note-taking space than the ones in the PlannerPad do. I am using these pages for GTD, but they can be used with any organizational system. Pages are 9.5 by 11 inches, and can either by punched and inserted in a binder (as I did), or bound at your local copy shop. I've included one generic Left-side page and one generic Right-side page. Pages can be printed on both sides of a sheet of paper. I'm still note sure what paper to print this on. I started with light Stardust cardstock, with durability in mind, but realized after printed out six weeks' worth of pages that I might be better off sacrificing a little durability and using a lighter paper so that my planner doesn't end up being too heavy. I really like using the Stardust paper, though, as it makes my planner much more attractive and therefore a little more enjoyable to use. (The PlannerPad is a great concept, but the paper was not very attractive to me.)

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Microsoft Word
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