Renaissance Art - new stuff!!!

Have you all checked out the new 3X5 cards and card holders at www dot renaissance-art dot com??? Wow! They have a ton of new cards and holders - looks like DIY style too! Check it out,

nay nay

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Totally *droolworthy*

Drat! I was hoping to be the first one to break the 3x5 products on Arthur's site first. But you steathy kids beat me to it. I requested one of the 3x5 notebooks (can you guess which one I wanted?) to review a few weeks ago, but sadly I have not heard from them since. I do hope they're having a busy and productive holiday season.

Here's hoping my review copy does arrive soon so I can share my thoughts and uses for it with you all soon.

Happy Holidaze,

sorry innowen!

didn't mean to burst your bubble! :) Let us know how the product it once you get it - sure looks cool!!

nay nay

no worries

nay nay,

No worries. It was bound to happen sooner or later. And you betchya, as soon as I get my version I'll let you all know what I think. Of course, I have the feeling that a certain other may get one before I do. ;)

Have fun with your new toy izzy! :)

Happy Holidaze everyone!

just ordered one

i just ordered one of their custom holders for a moleskine pocket and 3x5 cards. a bit pricey at $50 (and i've never dealt with the seller, so i'm sure they're very high quality) but i thought i'd get myself an xmas gift.

innowen - izzy?

Hey guys - have either of you received your goodies from Renaissance Art? I am excited to hear about your purchases!
Let us know!
nay nay :)

alas, no

alas, no... not yet. guess it's time to contact them again and see what i can do. cos yeah, I keep going back to their site and drooling.

will keep ya all updated.

my update

I wrote Arthur at Ren Art a few days ago and he hasn't forgotten me or my review. He's getting new 3x5 sewing equipment in soon and wants to wait on sending me a review item until the new gear comes in. He says that it'll help improve on the hidden (to the casual eye) quality and make his products that much better.

So... stay tuned for a few more weeks, and then... I hope to have a review to share with you all about their products.


oh, so i got the old product?????

great, just great. :-)

hopefully this one stands up to the test of time.

same product, great quality...

no no no... you got the same product. There's nothing different the new ones he's making are going to be. This is what he wrote in regards to the machine":

We are getting a new machine in a few weeks which will enable us to make some internal improvements on some of our 3X5 card stuff... nothing you will see on the outside but they are little things that matter to us.

I think he's just being very delicate with mine since my review will be going on both his site and ours. And my review will attempt to be as long as Doug's.

How are you liking it btw?

still love it...

oh, it's great. but how can it not be, incorporating a moleskine, 3x5 cards, a pen and leather all into one product? one thing that i'd like to at least see (and it appears that they have a close product) is one without a snap closure, but still holds the moleskine and the 3x5 cards. it may mean moving the pen holder to the middle (and requiring a smaller pen. kind of like their regular moleskine holder, below. i emailed them to see what they think.

but at the same time, the snap closure definitely makes it more secure, and keeps everything inside.

instant hit

Yeah, I knew when I saw that product that they had an instant DIY hit on their hands. I hope that mine comes soon so I can play with it and start working on that review.

If you ask me, I like the idea of the snap, that way, when you toss it into a bag... the cards don't get scratched up or slip out when something slips between the covers and attempts to pry the book open. Or at least, that's what I think what would happen to me, if there was no snap.

Glad you're having fun with it.


yeah, you're right on that. and since it's bigger, it does spend time in my laptop bag.

i did email them, and arthur said that they do them without the snap if someone asks for it, but the penloop in the middle didn't work. so i'd say what they have is the best setup

Pen Loop

I've just received my cover (the large version), and it looks like the pen loop would work just fine where it is, sewn into the back cover, even without a snap closure. Personally, I like the snap closure for the reasons mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but if anybody does want a pen loop without a closure, it looks possible, just not in the middle.


did you ever receive the moleskine cover? I know izzy likes hers, but I was looking forward to your review of the product as well!

nay nay

never received it

hey nay nay,

I have yet to receive the cover. I know they've been really busy... but yeah. I was looking forward to getting this item and reviewing it completely. Sorry to have only more disappointing news. I was hoping to have a review copy in my hands by now.

I contemplated buying one but as I've switched to a smaller size moleskine since the initial request, I'm not sure it's something I needwantmusthave anymore. Which is sad. Because I DO like the cover and find it drool worthy. I've also been a bit "strapped" for cash as my hubby lost his job in the beginning of Feb... but thankfully he starts a new job soon and who knows...maybe I'll buy one at that time. :)

I saw a great idea to combine the moleskine with index cards (my two passions). I saw an immediate new use for the wrap and was hoping to experiment with it. I saw it for something to use and help kick-start my tarot studies again. The folder would have allowed me to carry a card of the day and expand upon it and write down notes. At least that's another use I saw for it.


on second thought


I'm sitting here on this page. It's still really appealing to me. Even more so now that it's the pocket version.

Should I just buy this one and review it on my own? What do you guys say?

.... who's feeling guilty that she never got to review this product line BEFORE this thread started...


Yes, that is the one I am looking at as well for my pocket moleskine... I wonder if you should email them again and give them a little "hey, remember me?" note... Maybe if they realize that there are people on this site waiting (drooling) for your review it will push them to send one out to you. I hate to have you buy one just so I know what it is like!!! ;)

What do you think?
nay nay

i may just get it

nay nay,

I may just bite the bullet and buy the pocket one. (My original request was for the larger size). I last spoke to Arthur last month regarding this but have not heard a peep since. He did tell me that it was "on his list of things to do" but it's been quite some time.

I see they're expanding their website and that the About Us page is no longer filled with the old content... so I know they're busy. And I do know he's got a few other leather sites catering to specific markets so I know he's not one to stay idle.

Doing it this way, gets the product into my hands for a thorough review and promotion. :)

So i think i'll do this.


nay nay is smiling at innowen! Can't wait to hear the review! :)

thanks for the vote of

thanks for the vote of confidence... i paid for 3 day shipping (amazingly it was only $1.50 more to ship it from there to WA State in 3 days than regular mail.) so i hope to get it soon and play with it.

then i can write an article in a few weeks... and let you know what i think of it. :)


don't forget...

to take some pictures~! I need more paper pr0n >.< i'm a sick sick girl hehehe

my artwork

Is it really a sickness?

You know Sara, if the cost of a little happiness is a bit of paper and a few little itty bitty plastic rings, is that so bad really, in the grand scheme of things?

(I say as I grope in my bag for my credit card, who is now cowering in fear somewhere in a crevice because it saw me browse to again...)


I have that

I’ve owned that exact cover for about two months. The new leather smell is fading ? But it is holding up well even in my purse. Right now I have it wrapping a Clairefontaine soft cover notebook. I wanted to check out their paper. I do love it, but I I’ve a Moleskine ready to take its place (probably latter today). I use it for random thoughts, journaling, and even some note taking. If what I’m writing sparks an idea for a task/project/anything else I might want to follow up on, I just jot a note on the index card with the page number (I number pages of the journals and keep a table of contents). That note card then gets filed or placed in the right spot in my over-engineered system. I feel the call to get one of Renaissance Arts larger notebook holders w/ index card slots, but haven’t quite convinced myself as to the need. Hope the job situation gets back on track. I was waiting for your review too, even though I own it I always like to see how other people use tools.


mine shipped earlier this week. suppose to arrive on Monday, I believe. i'll give a review when i have it.

Rec'd my Renaissance Art moleskine/3x5 holder

what a beautiful product. one of my new year's resolutions is to get into GTD, and i would have to think that this would be a good tool for anyone who get your 3x5 cards on one side, your moleskine on the other.

i got the closure flap in brown also (i think that the black stands out too much) it's not a product for a pocket by any means, which is the only downside that i can see. i knew it probably would be too bulky for a pocket, but had hoped. it's about 4 1/2 x 6 1/2, and about an inch thick.

it's a tad pricy at $50 (but it was my xmas gift to me) but it does come with a moleskine pocket, which is $10 or so by itself, and some of their custom 3x5 cards on a very nice paperstock. overall, i'm very pleased. i can't speak for durability yet, but it appears to be very well made.

and you CANNOT beat that smell of the fresh leather.


Oh, I am so glad you finally rcvd it! I have been waiting to see what you think! Well, I guess if I keep using my Moleskine maybe for another month or so, I will have to purchase this item. It looks absolutely beautiful!
Thanks for the report!
nay nay


Gorgeous, but pricey.
Izzy, let us know if it looks as good in person as the picture does.

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create your own?

Hey did you guys see this at renaissance?

Create the exact 3X5 card you want with our Create Your Own 3X5 Card program.

Give us a sketch, a doodle.... something you drew on a napkin...

We will put it on a 3X5 card for you and print the first 500 or 1000 cards.

We will then send you a print quality file so you can print your own if you like.

We will keep your card on file so you can reorder your card at any time at our regular card prices.

Renaissance Cover on Cahier Moleskine?

Has anyone tried to use a Ren Cover on a Molekine Cahier (the thin ones? I like the idea of using something thin to write on, can be replaced, and the Ren cover would give it more class. I just wondered it the cover overwhelms the Cahier. I ordered the full-size.

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