MS Word 2007 Classic one-page-per-day planner

Simple MSWord one-page-per-day 2007 planner.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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One page per day, Classic size. Holidays are indicated. Hours 7am to 10pm are marked, but there are no lines. There are two Notes pages at the end of the file. You could use ClickBooks or some other software to deal with imposition--I was originally thinking I'd need a full day plus a notes page per day, so I was going to print this as two days per page and just print notes pages on the back of the day pages.

You might look through and make sure the dates are right--I've done so, of course, but another pair of eyes would be good.

I get some Classic size envelopes bound in, plus some pocket pages I make from light poster board, in order to have space for receipts, etc. If you get it spiral bound and use the pages, be sure to have them put in a spiral big enough to hold all the extra junk, and get a heavy vinyl or plastic cover--last year my cover came off in September. Otherwise I've been very happy with mine.

Public Domain
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MS Word
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Sorry, one page per day...

Sorry, one page per day doesn't let me see an overview of the week, which I need for setting appointments, so no, I didn't do one like that this year. Would two pages per week, 7 days on the left-hand page, and a blank notes page on the right-hand page, with no times, work for you? If so, I can post that for you. I only used that one page per day version for a couple of weeks last year before I decided I wanted the weekly view.

Let me know if you want a two-page per week view.

Or it only takes a few hours to go in and modify the 2007 calendar and get it updated for 2008.


2 page per week / 2008


I could use that 2008 2 page per week template. You don't by any chance have it in Classis? If not, no biggie. If it's a word doc, I can possibly shrink it.


Boggey--link to template

Not sure this is exactly what you want, as it is really one page per week with a facing notes page. The weekly view is on one page and the facing page is blank.

Ah Anonymous

It's a Word document. You can update it yourself.